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Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout
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Mar 07, 2012

really liked it
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Read in February, 2012

4.5 stars!!

Poor Katy! Poor Poor Katy! Katy has been forced to move to the boonies of West Virginia to start over. She moves in next door to the singularly best looking guy on the planet! Daemon! Daemon the 6 foot plus, muscular, dark haired, beautifully green-eyed, arrogant, Asshat! Unfortunately, his sister Dee loves Katy and they become the best of friends. It is through this friendship that Daemon and Katy are kind of forced to spend time together. Daemon makes it clear he hates Katy one moment, then the next he’s almost kind of sweet and caring…but watch out cuz the asshat is there just bubbling under the surface!

See, what Katy doesn’t know, is that while Daemon looks human he is actually a Luxen (alien) hiding out on Earth. Daemon’s home planet died and they negotiated with the Dept. of Defense to live on Earth and disguise themselves as humans, BUT no one can know they are aliens or the DOD makes the people who know, disappear…so for everyone’s safety it’s easier just to not associate with the humans.

I wasn’t sure in which order to write these reviews. I actually read “Shadows” first. It is the prequel to this title. It covers the quintessential event that makes Daemon who/what he is. Thanks to my pal and blog partner, KristyZ for spoiling that book for me! (Sorry, I just can’t let her off the hook for that one quite yet! Love ya KZ) But decided to review Lux first since it is the main story.

Katy and Daemon define a “Love/Hate” relationship. Daemon sees Katy as someone who brings his beloved sister some long overdue and much deserved joy, but he can’t help but worry that time spent around Katy may bring their alien enemies (the ones that destroyed the Luxen home world) right to their front porch. I get Daemon, I get his arrogance, his desire to have nothing to do with humans, but on the flip side, would it kill him to be a little nicer? I mean jeez, ever heard of “you get more flies with honey than vinegar”?

Katy, meanwhile, can’t help but be attracted to Daemon…I mean who wouldn’t be? Maybe a blind person…maybe. But that attraction only lasts until he opens his mouth and spews another load of crap on her. And talk about mixed signals…Look it up in the dictionary and there will be a picture of Daemon! He has poor Katy yo-yoing back and forth so fast it’s a wonder she doesn’t have whiplash.

But what I loved most about this story?!?!...the whole unrequited love/mixed signals/Love/Hate thing doesn’t get resolved…at all! Katy and Daemon do understand each other a little better though. But I can still look forward to more snark and more asshat! Can’t wait to see where the story goes from here. I can tell you I will be waiting with baited breath!

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