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Pure Sin by Kate Brian
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Nov 20, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: chick-lit, young-adult, secret-society
Read on November 20, 2011

** spoiler alert ** ***TL;DR SPOILERY PLOT OVERVIEW***

Lexa Greene is having a hard time holding it together after playing her part in the murder and subsequent cover-up of Kaitlynn/Lillian Oswald. She's obsessed with getting the blood off her hands and is becoming increasingly unhinged. Ariana realises her life as Briana Leigh Covington may be coming to an end, and uses the inheritance she received upon her grandmother's death to secure another identity. Ariana begins to see the flaws in Palmer's personality as she falls for Southern bad boy, Jasper Montgomery. Soomie and co. discover Maria'a secret relationship with Landon, and it's not half as scandalous as Maria had anticipated.

Jasper jokingly confronts Ariana and Lexa at a Stone & Grave ball about knowing a secret of theirs, and Lexa completely loses it. Ariana threatens Jasper in the garden shed, only to find out it's a fairly benign secret from Briana Leigh's past. The ball ends abruptly as Lexa throws herself off the roof, plummeting through the greenhouse and into the centre of the party. Ariana and Palmer break it off after a heated confrontation in the ER, and Ariana almost bumps into her sworn enemy: Reed Brennan.


One of the main reasons I enjoy the Privilege series is that I get to explore some seriously twisted psyches, a trait which is severely lacking in the Private books. I get to sit in the back of Ariana and Kaitlynn's minds as they ponder some of the darkest things imaginable, somehow making them seem so benign and rational. In the Private books I have to sit in the back of Reed's simple brain while she wails about life at her cushy private school being so hard. The Privilege series provides some seriously complex characters that are a joy to explore.

With Kaitlynn now six feet under, I had wondered how the author was going to introduce conflict in the series. The author not only continued to threaten Ariana's existence with Lexa's constant near-confessions, but she gave us the opportunity to explore the mind of another demented individual. It was fascinating watching Lexa rapidly deteriorate, beginning with OCD handwashing; descending into full-blown madness in running down the halls wailing and pounding on windows and doors; and culminating in a dramatic and very public suicide attempt. I enjoyed putting myself in Lexa's shoes and wondering how I would react in that situation.

Provided Lexa survives the suicide attempt, I'm interested to see if she confesses and implicates Ariana. I doubt anyone would take her seriously given her mental state, but I would like to see Ariana on the run again. I'd like to see the Privilege series move to a whole 'nother continent, with Ariana trying to extract her massive inheritance as Briana Leigh Covington while masquerading as Emma Walsh. I'm also interested to see how Lexa's parents and APH handle the suicide attempt. I can practically hear them saying "How dare she try to kill herself? Doesn't she know what this means for our image?!"

I did notice one inconsistency with Lexa though that I have to point out. Lexa faints after Soomie accidentally cuts herself, and when she wakes up she says "Kaitlynn?" How did she know that was Lillian Oswald's real name? It's not plausible that Ariana could have told her without revealing how she knew, or who Ariana really is. But hey, maybe I missed something at the end of the last book that explains it...

I'm also not terribly happy about the whole Ariana x Jasper thing. She spent 3 books trying to get Palmer Liriano and go public with the relationship, and now she up and dumps him for someone else?! Granted Jasper is 100x more interesting and reminds me of Tate from American Horror Story, but WTF! Palmer suddenly went from the perfect guy to being riddled with flaws and it doesn't make sense.

I am so stoked that the Private and Privilege series have converged and Ariana is out to kill Reed Brennan again. Though I'm not sure how this is going to work given the chronology of the two sagas, because Reed is a freshman in college during this series while she hadn't even graduated when I read Ominous. I'm also hoping the magic bullshit isn't incorporated because the Privilege series is firmly rooted in reality. It's a fucked up reality, but it's a concrete reality nonetheless. All I know is I can't wait to see Ariana pursue Reed and I hope to God she wins.

Overall: If you didn't think the series could survive without Kaitlynn, you'll be pleasantly surprised where little Lexa Greene can take the story. I absolutely adored getting a peak into someone else's madness and I'm sure other Privilege fans will love it too. I'm intrigued to see where the story goes from this point on, and I'm keen for a change of scenery. ;]
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