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Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris
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May 17, 12

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bookshelves: fluff-fiction, magic-irl-urban-fantasy, romance-adventure, tough-chick, vampires
Read from May 15 to 17, 2012

** spoiler alert ** Is it just me or have the last few books in this series been kinda depressing? I guess no love story with a vampire can realistically end well, but still... Eric was a douche, Bill was too needy, Sookie was hating her life, Felipe was kind of a non-entity, Freyda was annoying (too bad Sookie couldn't just kill her and be done with it). It was good to see Bubba again, even if it was only for a second. I don't think Sookie should end up with Sam. How can he protect her from all of the Big Bad that wants to use her? Does she really think Felipe will leave her alone once Eric is gone? I don't want her with Bill though, I've never really liked him(and I don't think he can keep her safe either). I guess with Sam she can have a much simpler life and have little telepathic shifter babies which is what she wanted (kinda), but they'll have to work hard to keep them safe (good luck with that). I hate to say it but I think the blood bond really did have a lot of influence on Sookie and Eric's relationship. It's gone and they still love each other I guess but suddenly they're not as willing to make hard choices for each other or to sacrifice as much on the other's behalf. I bet if they were still feeling each other's emotions Eric would have been there a whole lot more and then they would have grown closer and found a way to tell Freyda to leave. Bah. I guess there is only one book left in the series and it seems pretty obvious to me which way it's going to go. I hate it when things end.

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