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A Crown of Swords by Robert Jordan
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Nov 19, 2011

it was ok
Read in November, 2011

It is often difficult to reconcile how much I love the adventure of this series with the blatant sexism that pervades nearly every chapter involving a woman interacting with a man. In the first four books, it wasn't as much of an issue, because I saw it mostly as an in-world problem rather than something inherently problematic with Jordan's perspective that was interfering with his ability to tell a good and believable story. This changed in book five, where the ridiculousness exploded to such an extent that it didn't read like and in-world problem, but rather just a bad decision on the part of the author. It made all of his female characters look possessed.

The good news was that the horrid portrayals of all of the main women in the story spouting sexist lines between each breath dissipated somewhat, partially because Min got so much POV time, and Birgitte and Aviendha were not caught up in it either, which was a relief. Not that it was not there, but the forced ridiculousness was less prevalent in this regard than in previous books.

But then chapter 29 happened, and was followed by the rest of the book, and this was by far the worst thing out of all that had happened in the series thus far, mostly because it was the author's storytelling blunder.

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That extreme atrocity aside, this was mostly a book of smaller, world-building discoveries rather than huge plot developments. The revelation of the Kin, Egwene's realization of Gareth Bryne's loyalties, the increasing presence of Moridin and Shadar Haran and their powers and interests, as well as more insight into the Asha'man and their abilities---if you're a person who likes these little things, the book as much to offer. If you prefer the large plot-altering events of the previous books, ACOS will seem mostly lackluster.

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Lostt totally agree about the "sexism" as u called it....it seems like robert jordan's really losing his plot:/

The way u put it,what happened to mat seems really bad....i had not thought of it like that...
I think its ok if u take it in good humour....its just funny to see mat (who chases every woman) actually running away from one:P
Don't take it so seriously...from a practical point of view,if mat didn't want to do it, he would have fought harder....in terms of physical strength,mat could have kept her at bay...
Btw egwene apologises a few pages later and even offers to intervene with queen tylin....

message 1: by Elon (new) - rated it 1 star

Elon Great review. This problem is a symptom of Jordan's unhealthy view of sex in general. It infects every character and leaves us no choice but to think the author had a deeply conservative and harmful opinion of the subject.

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