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The Heart of Compassion by Dilgo Khyentse
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Dec 31, 2012

it was ok
Read from November 19, 2011 to December 31, 2012

Confession... I did not make it to the end. Sigh... But after over a year of it sitting on my "currently reading" list and picking up realizing I lost my place and really don't know where it was I don't think I am going to finish it. This one was a bit above my head. I hope someday to have the merit and wisdom to appreciate it as the jewel I hear it is - at that time I will start over from the beginning.

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Bonnie It doesn't seem fair to only give it 2 stars if you didn't finish. It's too bad you can't take it off without rating it. We need a 'drop' option, then you could drop it with no rating or with one because it was so bad.
I have one that I've been reading for over a year, but I gave the book away. I pick up on it when I'm near it, but I'm going to leave it on my list.

Miriam Holsinger I figure the rating system is subjective so two stars works. That is why I prefer to write a review and not just rely on a numerical system. without words providing context no one can be sure what criteria you are measuring. it would be nice to have a hibernate option though - we should suggest that to goodreads. nonetheless I would still likely list this as I did since I made it through enough of the book to be sure of my opinion and if I tackle it again it will be from the beginning - not from where I left off. and it will be awhile before I try to reread it to... a bit over my head this time around.

Nate if you didnt finish why rate it? it goes into the overall score and for readers like me I am on a budget so any accurate indication would help and would be good for one's karma :) just a thought. I know I am asking the impossible here :)

Miriam Holsinger Nate,
I made it three quarters of the way through - after over a year of trying to finish it I picked it back up and realized I had read enough to know I wasn't going to finish it. I see lots of other people thought it excellent. One person commented that it was a good book if you have a solid foundation of Buddhist thought. That seems reasonable. I think a big reason I didn't finish it is that it was over my head. I will certainly try to pick it up from the beginning another time but know I need to practice, learn, and generate more merit before I will be able to understand and benefit from the teachings.

Hopefully that knowledge can help you decide whether or not to purchase the book.

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