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Pleasure Unbound by Larissa Ione
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Nov 19, 11

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Read on November 19, 2011

3-3.5 stars. I get why this series has a huge fan base. I thought it was good and well written, but because it didn't really "grab me" to the point where I couldn't stop reading it (as evidenced by my continuing to turn back to my iPad to play on the Internet), I'm sticking with a 3/3.5 rating. I think I'm going to keep reading the series, if only to get to Wraith (to whom I developed an unhealthy attachment). The characters and world-building were done well. It had an edgy and darkly urban feel to it, similar to the Black Dagger Brotherhood world, only the Demonica world had a decided lack of slang and "shitkickers" (thank god!).

I didn't particularly like the heroine, Tayla, but I could see why she developed her hang-ups and hatred (which I thought she hung onto for far longer than was logical). It kind of blew my mind that Eidolon fell in love with her when I couldn't really see how their interactions would have shown him much about her other than her prejudice, hatred, and fighting nature. He was much more understanding than I would have expected or than I would have been in those circumstances.

The sexytimes were a little oh-my-stars over-the-top, even for my pervy self. They were boinking at page 26 (and my face was like "whoa" O__o), the obsession with sex continued throughout the book, and Eidolon had an inner monologue at one point that was an ode to the heroine's gold-plated and magical girly parts, which was a bit much. I dunno...there was just so much of it - and it was so pervasive - that I didn't find it all that special or noteworthy when there were sexytime scenes. I also didn't really feel a marked difference emotionally between their "f**king" and "making love." It all read the same to me.

In terms of going forward, I recognize that they are incubi...gonna have to keep reminding myself of all the sex and obsession that such a breed brings with it as I continue with the series. Now, onwards to Shade's book (but with an eye on Wraith's following that)!
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5.0% "Is it just me or does E's brother Wraith seem a little like Zsadist, tortured background and all? I mean that in the best and most complimentary way possible." 12 comments
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70.0% "Okay, I guess it's supposed to be cute or something, but does she REALLY have to keep calling him "Hellboy"...???"

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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

I felt the same way as you about this book - I think because I so strongly disliked Tayla. But I kept with the series and ended up liking it a lot more than the BBD (which I've had enough of, at this point).

The oddest thing for me was that by the end of the Demonica series E was by far my favorite brother. I wished that Ione could do him all over again with a better book and love interest.

But I think part of what I like in this series is that it's less sentimental than the BBD, for example - i.e., the point you made about sex and making love - and you totted that up on the negative side in your review.

Audrey I looked at some of my friends' shelves for this book, and some had it on an "erotica" shelf. I'm not sure...I thought this was more PNR and not erotica or erotic romance. Maybe it's "steamy" PNR, but I thought it still fell under PNR. If it's erotica, then I'll have to reevaluate my thoughts on the sexytimes involved.

Re: sex vs. making love -- hrm...I don't think it would have made such an impression on me if E hadn't mentioned it specifically at one point. He said that he'd f**ked females in the past, but he'd never "made love" until Tayla. The attempt to draw the distinction just highlighted what, to me, was the lack of one.

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

There's a lot of PNR out there with less developed/interesting worldbuilding, and I'd say most of the erotica I've read is a bit *more* focused on the sexytimes, so this series definitely treads a line between the two.

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

I dunno...there was just so much of it - and it was so pervasive - that I didn't find it all that special or noteworthy when there were sexytime scenes

Yeah, this. I think the chief point of difference for me between this series and the BDB is the intensity of emotion in the hook ups. The BDB connections were somehow a lot more angsty and the sex was always built up to. Like you say, in this series it's constant, and I think it does detract from the HEA (even factoring in the incubi need for sexing or whatever). From memory, I stopped reading the series at book 3.

Great review! I'll look forward to Wraith's one.

Sarah ♥ Vutch forever ♥ He was much more understanding than I would have expected or than I would have been in those circumstances.

I often have the same problem. The heros fall for the heroines and I cannot understand why! The forgive things I'd never do and are impressed by acts that are normal and not special.

SubterraneanCatalyst I disliked Tayla a lot too- she was just plain hard to like. I don't want or need perfection in the female protagonist but you know- white trashy ultra fighter certainly isn't on the top of my list for "gift to utterly sexy and brainy male LI". I was definitely in the 'wow too bad for Eidolon" camp on that one haha.

Re: the BDB series, I gave up on that series and skipped the last 2-3 books I think. I was fed up with the slang. I only liked the first book and Phury's book, period. Also I refuse to read JR Ward ever again. I read the first book of her new series and just FORGET IT. It's like she's in love with Butch and has to rewrite him over and over again. She loves the very masculine and stoic blue collar tinged man and yeah not so much for me.

message 7: by Audrey (last edited Nov 21, 2011 11:18PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Audrey Thanks, Moss, I look forward to getting to him. *rowr*

re: sex scenes - The sexytimes were hot, but lacked impact because of their number and frequency. It's weird to say this, but sometimes less really is more.

re: Tayla - I really couldn't warm up to Tayla, even knowing her difficult and stark childhood. Like SubterraneanCatalyst said, white trash fighter chick isn't my HG heroine by a long shot, but Tayla could've at least been a more decent human being, if you know what I mean. It would've impressed me more if she thought for herself, rather than let the prejudice cloud her judgment constantly. I mean, she kept calling E "Hellboy," all through til the end of the book! She was just so mean and disrespectful to E, and that continued for far too long, in my eyes.

*sigh* BDB. If only we could go back to the good ol' days. I might abandon the series with this next book, which will feature Tohr and not-Wellsie.

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

Yeah I totally agree re the sex in the Demonica series.

BDB the Good Old Days, sigh. Right up to Phury's book, at which point it got so crap I wanted to stab myself in the neck.

Sarah ♥ Vutch forever ♥ I only love the first four BDB books. The others could never convince me and LU and LUnl were horrible! I agree, it'd be cool to go back to the good old days.

Audrey Moss wrote: "Right up to Phury's book, at which point it got so crap I wanted to stab myself in the neck."

There's got to be a vampire joke in there somewhere.

re: BDB - I liked the series up until Phury's book (Lover Enshrined, blech). I was okay with LU...but I do like V and smart chicks. The ending was a downer, though. I really liked Lover Avenged (with Rehv), but that one was so removed from the "main" plotline that it could have even worked as a standalone.

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