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Double Time by Olivia Cunning
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Feb 06, 13

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Read from September 19 to 24, 2012

2.5 stars. Part 1 of a 2 Book ARC review as seen at Paperback Dolls blog:

Olivia Cunning’s Sinners On Tour series is, simply put, one of the hottest series in Erotic Contemporary Romance you can get. The series centers around an up-and-coming rock band and, in typical romance series format, each book is the story of one of the members of the group. Although each book is stand-alone, as we move through the series we learn more about all of the members and develop a kind of relationship with each of them.

Part and parcel with these stories is smokin’ hot sex to the nth power. Because it’s erotic romance there is so very much sex that I sometimes get bored with these books, but that is a reflection on me and not on the skill and creativity with which the scenes are written. I tend to prefer more story with my one-handed reads and there is only so much space in a book. The very nature of “erotic romance” dictates that a significant portion of the page space is devoted to the “erotic.” It might be relevant that sexually there is no new ground covered for me in these things, although many readers will find them outrageously edgy with multiple partners and alternative lifestyles and approaches. Your mileage may vary.

What Cunning has done, however, is put together a very attractive idea with compelling characters that make you want to spend more time with them and peel back the layers. In my opinion, this is Cunning’s real talent, but don’t let me suggest to you that her erotica is anything but sizzling and creative.

In Double Time we are taken along with bassist Trey Mills who is bisexual and nursing the broken heart of unrequited love, having spent most of his life in love with his best friend, Sinners’ lead guitarist and song writer Brian Sinclair. We met Brian in Backstage Pass, Book 1, so by the time we get to Trey’s book his feelings for Brian are well known to us.

Trey meets guitarist Reagan Elliot and is swept off his feet, wanting nothing more than to spend the rest of his days in a monogamous relationship with Reagan – until he meets Reagan’s best friend and ex-boyfriend, Ethan. Reagan loves Ethan but she caught him with a man and broke up with him because “he’s gay.” Turns out he’s not gay, he’s bi and he still loves Reagan, too.

From here let me jump to the part that was so distractingly difficult for me to stomach that it cast a shadow across the entire book. Something that is very personal for me and because it’s personal I wasn’t sure I could write a review that didn’t reflect my personal displeasure. That is why it’s taken me this long to write this review, in spite of having read this ARC last October.

I am bisexual and have been for the better portion of forty years. It is a very common, and erroneous, stereotype that bisexuals can’t be committed and monogamous because they will always be yearning for the flavor they aren’t getting. It’s beyond erroneous, it’s down right insulting. I’ve known a lot of bisexual people in my life and I have never known one who couldn’t commit to one person because of their gender. The entire notion suggests that our sexuality is based on physical urges. Not only is that a ridiculous assumption but in my experience bisexuals are less likely to base their relationships on physical urges because the issues with plumbing are just not a big deal to them, they are most interested in who the person inside is. The patently false assumption that bisexuals are by default promiscuous is a stereotype born of ignorance. I’m not saying that bisexuals can’t also be polyamorous or even cheaters, I’m saying that their sexuality is not so torn that they “have” to have both, not unless they choose that. It’s not a biological imperative.

The entire conflict in Double Time is about two bisexual men who can’t be happy unless they have both genders in their bed, and the confused and ignorant woman who can’t conceive of the idea of a bisexual man that both men want.

The band premise is entertaining. The sex is always hot. The characters, for the most part are compelling and draw you in. The love story is ignorant bullshit that panders to common misconceptions.

I really don’t have much else to say about Double Time.

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