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Maybe the Moon by Armistead Maupin
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Nov 19, 2011

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“The idea of this tiny, ambitious, infuriating, lovable woman who is both enslaved and ennobled by an icon of popular culture is one that seems completely fresh to me. At the same time, it’s old fashioned and highly moral in the best sort of Dickensian way. There is, as well, a liberal feminist subtext that suits me to a T, as you no doubt recognized when you sent it to me.”

that was part of the Screenwriter’s reply to the Director’s letter who would film Cadence Roth’s autobiographical movie after her demise at the end of the book. but first it would be apt to tell you who Cadence Roth was before the movie would be made.

Maybe the Moon chronicles the life of this 31-inch tall woman who was a struggling actress and individual through her series of diaries which would later become a manuscript. Cady had the smarts and deadpan humor which are likely the reasons why you’d stick and grow with her by the chapters. it’s amazing how the author has put a heroine like Cadence against a backdrop as consuming and cut-throat as Hollywood. because in that way he showed us how difficult it was for a dwarf like Cadence to be seen for who she was. if anything, the book channeled different issues like prejudices and stereotypes in an entirely unique and arresting version. although i must say he achieved a sort of a two way punch here when he included Jeff and Callum Duff as a gay couple.

but nonetheless, it was Cadence Roth and the paths she took that will get you drawn to the book. the psychology of this novel is well communicated. the attacks on bigotry here are pristine and you could tell the author wanted to hit some nerve with his references. the prose is moving, and the characters tug at the hearts and souls in an affecting and heartbreaking way. Maybe the Moon was the title of this book, which echoed Cadence’s entire struggle in life towards the impossible. this made me want to watch Mr. Woods and see if i could look at Cadence Roth and actually see her. she made us realize how she’s no different from us and that her flaws and hurdles was common to all human suffering. she’s us.

this is both happy and sad. and i gave it a 3.5 stars.
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