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Bear Meets Girl by Shelly Laurenston
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Nov 18, 2011

really liked it
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The one thing you’re guaranteed to get with any Shelly Laurenston book is a ton of humor centered around many different character interactions. I look forward to revisiting all the series characters with any new book as well as getting to know how our new leads will fit into this crazy world. BEAR MEETS GIRL gives us Cella Malone, a psycho, aggressive, playful at times, feline whose great loves in life are her daughter, her position as enforcer on the hockey team and her job. In that order. And her man is a polar bear shifter, Lou Crushek (Crush), who is just the sweetest bear you’d ever want to know. He hates change and the book opens with Crush hung over after drowning his sorrows in a tray of jello shots, as he frets about his new job transfer that will now partner him up with Dez and her police force. He’s a guy who likes his nice, quiet, simple life. He comes home to a quiet house, with his foster dog and just is. Until Cella sets her claws on him and turns this bear’s life upside down.

The suspense storyline takes a backseat to all the character interactions, but I love it that way. Although, this particular suspense plot involves Crush’s foster mom, and her need to stop Crush from finding out a truth that could and will ruin her. In order to get him off her back, she orders a distraction that impacts Cella and her future. In that sense, the suspense portion plays a big role in the direction Cella’s life is going to take at book’s end.

What I always look forward to most about this series are the characters and their insane personalities. Every single person is different, and I love the mix that Laurenston always gives us. Not only are personalities vastly different but the entire world is filled with many different shifters, and full humans all with jobs and hobbies that intersect in the best ways. This book centers a lot around the hockey team, as Cella is an enforcer for Bo Novikov (who I adore). There’s plenty of Novikov and his anal list making, Blayne popping up all over, and Dee-Ann, who is sort of considered Cella’s friend – although you’d never know it with how many times these woman go at each other.

“At least we have our own cheerleaders,” Crush offered.

“Yeah, Blayne and the Wild Dog-ettes.”

“I must say, your woman has a lot of energy.”

“She’s had eight Shirley Temples. At this point, she’s just out of control.” Novikov sighed.

As much as I enjoyed Cella and her smart-ass, take no crap ways, I had a big soft spot for Crush. He’s just so adorable, but can and would rip the arms off someone if they needed their arms ripped off. He ‘fan-girl crushes’ on all the hockey players, and has moments of losing speech when he meets Cella’s dad who is Crush’s hockey idol. Crush has so many scenes that were just endearing to me and made all the sweeter considering the amount of insanity he’s surrounded by, namely Cella.

[Crush to Cella]: “How do you get rational, well-respected people involved in your insanity? I mean is it something you taught yourself to do or is it part of your sociopathic nature?”

“First off, I’m not a sociopath. I looked closely at that checklist and I’m in the clear.”

“Checklist? You mean the Robert D. Hare Psychopathy Checklist?”

“I don’t know. It was online.”

“But being a sociopath was such a concern for you that you felt the need to check it out online?”

“Once, but I’m in the clear…”

If I had one little issue with the story, it was the romance itself between Cella and Crush. They’re fun together and have nice chemistry, and a couple crazy hot scenes that showed nice guy Crush doing a little naughty role playing, but I just wanted more between them. Much of the story brings the two together as “pretend” dating; Cella needs the big bear to be her pretend boyfriend to get her Aunts off her case and to stop them from setting her up with her cousin. Pretending turns into reality, and I enjoyed their scenes together, but felt like a little more was needed as far as their relationship went.

Cella’s daughter was a breath of normal fresh air. She’s a smart, sane, practical, sane, responsible...did I say sane (?) 18 year old shifter, who loves her mom and likes the influence of Crush in her life. I hope we get a book for her in future. There are a few new characters introduced that will make for great stories later on. Cella’s best friend and doctor, Jai, Jai’s daughter and Hannah, who we’ve met before, gets a bit more page time and I love the story that’s slowly coming out about her.

Fans of the Pride series will enjoy this latest installment. If you love the humor and storytelling from past books, you’ll get more of the same here and personally, I love it. The humor in all of Shelly’s books has me laughing out loud and the fast pace storytelling that switches quickly from different points of view has me feeling like I’m flying through the book. This is another fun edition to the series, and as usual, I’m left with a big smile on my face and anxious to see who’s up next.
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Shelita Do you see Hannah becoming friends with Meghan & Josie since they're close in age? Just wondering. And is it bad that I want a series with the kids? Meghan, Josie, Hannah, Abby, Kristan & Johnny? I just think that would be so much fun! Especially since there's all these sub adults around the same age.

Jess It seems like she's setting the kids up enough that once they're old enough they could easily have their own books (I hope!) I really liked the extra tidbits we got with Hannah in this one, seems like she's being brought more into the overall fold. And I would LOVE a Johnny and Kristan story eventually!

Shelly has set up so many options when it comes to characters and future leads - love that!

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

I hope we don't have to wait for Johnny and Kristin to sleep through a bunch of people before they get to each other.

Jess Tabitha wrote: "I hope we don't have to wait for Johnny and Kristin to sleep through a bunch of people before they get to each other."

Ack, no kidding. I'd kind of hate to read that, even if it's happening in the background during other books before they (hopefully) get their story.

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