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Stupid White Men by Michael Moore
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Nov 18, 2011

every war this country enters seems to require his blessing, and fortunately for presidents, Rev. Graham (Billy) has not met a war that he did not find just.

the culture's blind spot toward its own prejudice is revealed by the fact that KKK bombings and killings are not described as terrorism.

In reality the fundamentalists of the 3 faiths (Muslim, Jew, Christian) are quite similar in outlook and objective: they all are intolerant, misogynist... homophobic, puritanical, armed, and willing to use violence to advance their causes.

Freedom of choice is a thing of the past. We're down to 6 media companies, 6 airlines, 2.5 car makers, and one radio conglomerate, everything you will ever need is at Walmart. You can choose between 2 political parties that sound exactly alike, vote alike, and are funded alike by the same exact wealthy donors. You can choose to wear nondescript pastels, or you can choose to wear a Marilyn Manson t-shirt and get kicked out of school. Brittney, or Christina, WB or UPN, Florida or Texas-- there ain't no friggin difference, folks, its all the same, its all the same...

Suddenly I got very queasy, and it felt like all my principles and beliefs were about to end up on my shoes.

All of the signs of illiteracy are there- and apparently no one has challenged you about them. The first clue was what you named as your favorite childhood book: The Very Hungry Catepillar, you said. Unfortunately that book wasn't even published until a year after you graduated from college.

In 1919, twenty years after the invention of the automobile, there were 108 automobile manufacturers in the US, ten years later, the number had whittled down to the big 44 US Auto Companies. By the end of the 50's it had dropped to 8, and today we have a grand total of 2.5 US car manufacturers.

Get a children's social studies book. Vietnam
Girls generally score higher that boys on the elementary school tests.


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