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Girls Out Late by Jacqueline Wilson
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Nov 18, 2011

it was ok
bookshelves: childrens, just-so-trashy, boy-meets-girl, friendship, england
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I've read a few of Jacqueline Wilson's books by now, and I do recall quite liking Double Act and not disliking whatever the other one I read was - though nothing too special, she can write a very natural, realistic voice for a young girl.

This book, however... wow no. See, to ME, it just wasn't that realistic - nor were any of the characters likable. I swapped it through because I'm more keen on sending out my books to good homes that I'll swap with almost anything that sounds halfway decent. (*cough*Sweet*cough* another disaster!) This didn't even make a quarter.

First of all, I didn't like Ellie much. I didn't enjoy her voice at all - too boy-obsessed AND only 13. Come on, really? Really?? And then, she meets Russell - she's sketching him while he's sketching her in McDonald's. And he's in year 11 (so I assume 16), and he totally gets on the same bus as her and wants to walk her home, with a detour on the way to a park. Where they practically make out, after having known each other for all of an hour. I'm sorry, but it just read like he was coming on WAY too strongly. At one point he was about to grope her chest and Ellie was all thinking, do I want this? But then I *don't* want him to think I'm all uptight, so okay I'll let him go this far... and this could have totally turned into a cautionary tale about how It's Okay To Say No, but it didn't. Blah.

Also, I can't buy a 13-year-old staying out until 11 and whining that her friends can stay out past midnight. THIRTEEN. I don't think her 9pm curfew is that bad at ALL for her age.

And then Russell is a total douche, I'm sorry. I mean he throws a whiny hissy-fit about Ellie spending time with her girlfriends, like she dares to think they're more important than him. Magda's father bought their concert tickets ages before he invited her to the dance. He wants her to just ditch her friends and be rude to Magda's father. Pssht, douche.

And then the ending was just crap and awful with the whole going in the sketchy van of the sketchy boys debacle... again, could have been a cautionary tale! And okay in that case it was a little, though of course nothing too bad happened. But ughhhh, those three girls were dreadful and shallow and so unbelievable as 13-year-olds. Or are kids really like that these days?! I refuse to believe it. But come on, the BSC were 13... and sure they weren't entirely that believable either, but at least they didn't behave like these three did!

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message 1: by Tara (new)

Tara Calaby Hm, I have a feeling I'd not be impressed with this one either. I love her junior fiction, but once she moves to YA, she starts to have some REALLY dodgy plots :(

Sally I could always send it to you so you can see for yourself... ;) Looking at when it was written, they were 13 when I was 17 - not 13 now. So it's not even about kids these days, it's about kids at an age when I can remember what year 8s were like and HELL NO. The way they acted was how a 16 or 17-year-old might THINK about, but then never actually act upon. Unless they were a chav.

message 3: by Tara (new)

Tara Calaby It sounds like that would be a waste of international postage ;) It's probably available through the local library - I'm just not entirely sure I care to look!

Sally Not worth the effort of carrying it home ;)

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