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Noah by Jacquelyn Frank
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Nov 18, 2011

it was amazing
bookshelves: contemporary-romance, demons, suspense, vampire, angst, kickass-heroine, paranormal, shifters
Read from November 27 to 29, 2011 — I own a copy

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Sweet Demons!

For the past six months, Noah has been having dreams of a mysterious female. He doesn't know her name, but he craves the pleasures he finds in her presence. As Samhain once again approaches, Noah's dreams force him into action to seek his destined mate. He enlists the help of the Druid, Corinne, to help him make contact and find her. He's forced to make some selfish choices that have the potential to alienate his closest friends and family to save Kestra. She's everything he could have ever hoped for in a mate, however Kestra is less than forthcoming to his attentions, no matter how sincere or noble. Can he win her heart and make her his?

Kestra, a former Marine turned mercenary is highly skilled in combat, a dare devil and thrill seeker. She keeps men at a distance and desires any type of romantic entanglement even less. Her last job goes bad when her client tries to have her killed. At the last minute she is saved by her dream come to life. Noah makes her feel all kinds of things. Too much in fact that she runs. Now that she has been touched, her transformation has begun. Will she let him close enough to help her or will she succumb to her fears?

This had to have been the darkest story in this series (then again there is one book left, so who knows). Kestra's history is horrific, and it explains so much about the type of person she has become, and it also explains the way she feels about men in general. I can see why Noah would be attracted to her, destined mate aside. She's a kick-ass heroine with skills that would make any King, but especially this King very proud. She's a brilliant strategist, she's intelligent, and she likes to play with things that go boom.

I wanted to yell and scream at her for leaving her walls up almost to the very last page of this book, but in the end even I have to push my lecherous feelings for Noah aside and admit that that was just how they were going to get through this new phase in their lives together.

Noah was the big surprise. Throughout all four books, he's been incredibly stoic and rather composed. I had no idea that he was could be so ...... so hot!

"I swear to you I can never do anything to hurt you. I need you to understand that. It is impossible. Hyperactive lovemaking aside, I will never willingly harm you. Do you believe that?"

Yes, he said hyperactive lovemaking. He can and he does outdo Jacob, Elijah, Gideon and Damien. Now that's saying something.

It was no surprise that all kinds of problems culminated all at once. Along with dealing with Kestra's hesitancy to let him in (her heart), he also has to deal with enemies getting more brazen and vicious, and he has to deal with his own fears and pain that come with loving someone so fiercely. It would be easy to say that I wanted to smack both our H/H on many occasions, but their struggle to acknowledge their flaws, as well as each others did feel realistic to me. I try not to fall into the trap of condemning the characters when I know the inevitable ending. My point is, I know it, but they don't, and the pleasure of reading this is seeing how they get there.

Another thing I love about Ms Frank's writing is the humor she infuses into these serious characters. They may not be human, but it's nice to see that they have traits that make them very likeable and lovable.

The ball struck the wall dead center.

And bounced off it in an arcing return toward them. Instantly they were both in motion, springing away fro the unknown threat. Kes rolled over the bed and dropped off the far side, and Noah landed like a cat behind her. They both leaned around to see what the ominous little green ball would do next.

I was not disappointed with this book. On to the last one :(

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