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Wait Till Helen Comes by Mary Downing Hahn
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Nov 17, 2011

This book was EXTREMELY intense ! It all started when Heather's dad married Ashley's and her brother's mom . Heather's mom had died a few years ago and Heather was only about 8 or 9 so it was hard for her to except that her dad's attention wasn't just for her anymore. Ashley always tried to be nice to Heather , but Heather was very to herself and she would always lie to her dad saying how bad her new brother and sister were treating her. They moved to a house by a an old burnt down abandoned house, with a cemetery and Heather went by herself one day wondering around. Ashley weas always trying to be nice and so she was worried and folowed Heather to the cemetery. While Ashley was watching Heather she saw that Heather was talking to something but Ashley couldn't make out what it was. Then all the sudden she saw a transparent little girl in a nightgown looking dress. The little ghost girl looked about the same age as Heather. Heather had finally left the cemetery and then Ashley tried talking to Heather and all Heather said was , "Wait Till' Helen Comes. She'll get ALL OF YOU!" \
Then Ashley was confusedd by that and a day later strange things started happening like things moving and then one day Ashley finally confronted Heather about the ghost. Heather got very defenisve because Heather kept on telling Ashley to leave her and her "best friend" alone !
Helen was telling Heather that one day they would be together and be best friends and Heather belived her so everytime something bad happened Helen stepped in and did something horrible. Helen gave Heather a necklace and it looked like a lockett . Towards the end of the book Helen tries to lure Heather into a pond to drown her ! That's what Helen meant by they will soon be together best friends ! Luckily, for Heather , Ashley was there to save her and she dragged Heather out of the pond but it was really hard because Helen was also very strong , maybe even stronger than Ashley but when Heather's necklace came off .. Helen had no power. It seemed like since Heather had the necklace on she was like Helen's property in a way. All in all , this was a very intense book . YOU CAN'T STOP READING IT !!

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message 1: by Ms. Hauser (new)

Ms. Hauser I'm marking you down for one more week of EC for this. :)

message 2: by Asharia (new) - added it

Asharia Calderon Yay ! (: Thank youu

Madison It's not ASHLEY!!!!!
It's MOLLY!!!
Make sure you know facts before you write a review. And you spelled you wrong

message 4: by Asharia (new) - added it

Asharia Calderon Madison wrote: "It's not ASHLEY!!!!!
It's MOLLY!!!
Make sure you know facts before you write a review. And you spelled you wrong"

Your point of capitalizing was ?
If you dont like it , read another one hun(:
Thanks for the advice .

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