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The Isle of Blood by Rick Yancey
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Jan 02, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: teen-read, reviewed
Recommended for: Teens, Adventurous Readers, Gothic
Read from September 12 to November 18, 2011 — I own a copy , read count: 1

I was walking in my mom's bedroom a few months ago and saw this book sitting there. I didn't recognize it so figured it must be new. I picked it up, saw that it said "An Advance Reviewer Copy" and asked her about it. She had found it online and sent for it. I eventually started reading it, but ending up taking a break and I'm so glad I picked it up again to finish.

First off, I have never read the first 2 books. I have never heard of this series. Usually I don't start in the middle of a series. I have a huge problem with reading books in sequential order. However, for some odd reason, I made an exception for this book. I figured if it was REALLY a good book, it should be able to stand on its own, and surprisingly it did. I found slight references to the previous books in the series, but none that left me completely in the dark. I was able to keep reading without having to go crazy about whether those set these events in motion.

The prologue and epilogue remind me of The Series of Unfortunate Events. The author is trying to figure out past events and uses past documents to relate the story. We follow along in Yancey's investigation.

The thing I really love about this book is the writing style. Yancey's choice of diction is truly impeccable. I have grown accustomed to not being able to really pick out any literary elements as I have picked up in past English classes. In The Isle Of Blood, it was never-ending. Besides being one of my favorite sentences in the entire book, there is also a fine example of alliteration: "But you cannot say Pellinore Warthrop was not finally, full, furiously alive."
I found this simile and was thoroughly impressed: "On the fourth day the horizon before us turned black and the seas tose, driven by a stiff wind that pushed against the Dagmar like a giant hand pressing upon her chest." This line really enabled me to experience the adventure alongside Dr. Warthrop and Will Henry. The entire book was so descriptive, I never found myself struggling to form a mental image. It ran smoothly and gracefully like a movie in my mind.

This book also kept me surprised with all the allusions. Some of the ones I caught were: Sherlock Holmes, Mythology (Medusa, Charybdis and Icarus), Frankenstein, The Odyssey, Romeo & Juliet, The Lady & The Tiger (I had to read my freshman year in English), Biblical and I'm sure others are still lying about. Every time I found one I would get a little rush at the fact of having read them and the wonder they add to the story.

I was constantly on the edge of my seat and could not stop reading (being backed up on school work made me stop for at least a month or two). I had this book with me everywhere I went. I would read in my classes (even the ones I'm not allowed to read in), at lunch, and even while transitioning from class to class. This book is like none other I have read before. Even when a lot of action wasn't really happening, I found descriptions that thrilled my imagination and awakened my senses. Underlying every moment of the book was a that just kept me reading and never wanting to stop reading. I also found myself wishing the story would never end!

Chapter 7 was one of my favorite chapters, it really gets the action started. I haven't really read a more disturbing, terrifying, wonderful and absolutely capturing chapter before. I found myself grimacing with a slight rush of Reader-Adrenaline. The description, the action and the gruesome display kept me enthralled.

Thanks to this book, I am rushing to find the first two in the series. I want to see what happens before the Magnificum and Tipota. Overall great book, definitely a re-read =)
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Patty disappeared from my bedroom shortly after I started it.... it has finally made its way back to me

Samantha Lol Just call me a 'book thief' =) You weren't feeling good anyway

Patty true on both accounts...well all is well that ends well and we will both get started on the next book in this series soon and together---looking forward to it!! :O)

Samantha Oh yeah!!! Can't wait, so excited....just let me finish Glimmerglass lol.

Patty I sure will. Thanks for waiting for me to get done with #3 and everything else I was reading!! I Love You!! :O)

Samantha Mmkay, I'm done with Glimmerglass lol. I just needed the rest of the school day =)

Patty I take you to school so you can read non-school books?? Sounds like a plan to me!! :O)

Patty, when do we start on the Monstrumologist #1??

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Alexandria Ya'll will start when Samantha feels like it Mom. You know Sam.

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Alexandria You are funny mom!!! :)

Samantha That's exactly why you send me to school. I don't like school, so I find ways to make it bearable. Umm....whenever you're ready. I'm ready.

Patty I'm ready, willing, and able!!! As you would say,...YAY!! :O)

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