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First Kill by Heather Brewer
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Nov 17, 2011

it was amazing
Read from December 29, 2011 to March 22, 2012

Abraham, Joss's uncle, was unsure who to pick for the next family slayer. He refused to agree with the Slayer Society to pick Joss, but so far things with Joss have been mildly well. Abraham was a mean, violent, but caring human to Joss. Abe has made Joss suffer over the summer but Joss saw the real Abraham after he showed his good hearted, caring side of him. Abe was yet two-faced and really cared for Joss. Joss's met so many other people along the way such as Syrus, the nice, caring, fake human. Syrus has healed Joss's injuries and took well care of him. Joss was really falling for his good hearted mind, yet Syrus was a vampire.
Joss had so many other things to worry about but exactly how did he reveal these men's personalities? Well when Joss got to the training land he realized that immediately Syrus was by his side taking care of him. Abraham wasn't in a good mood all the time , but he cared to change Joss's mind about this whole situation. Abe put together skills Joss had to pass and each time Joss failed to pass, Abe's dark side would deeply punish Joss. Each blister, cut, bruise, broken or sprained bone Joss got Syrus was there to heal him.
Abraham had to pick the next family slayer. As you read Joss has been chosen but things are still a little unbalanced. When Joss got to the camp site it was tense and immediately uncomfortable. He has done unbelievably hard lessons and ruled at them. He's unrevealed secrets that were never to be told at the cabin too. Will he survive the rest of the training? Who do you like better? Abraham or Syrus? I like Syrus better because he's caring, takes a big part in Joss's training life, he mostly shows a role model to Joss, he's a good actor and a good cook.
I recommend this book to YOU! This book contains dying vampires, it would be great for people who hate vampires. If you enjoy the Twilight series you might just enjoy this book. IF you DO NOT like the Twilight series this book will still be enjoyable.

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