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Driftwood Cottage by Sherryl Woods
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Dec 08, 2011

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Read from December 06 to 08, 2011

Overall I really enjoy the whole O'Brien family. I love that they are all imperfect and living through a lifetime of good and bad decisions to find the way to happiness.

I like the basic set up for Heather and Connor's romance. I like Connor having to overcome his jaded view on marriage and the truth about how his past and his career have effected his opinion and keep affecting it now. I like that Heather made a choice on what she deserved and decided it was time for a change. I always swear this in both sides of a relationship, people will always treat you as badly as you allow them to treat you.

Now on to my big problem with this story. While marriage very well could be important enough to one or both people in a relationship to end it that wasn't the bigger problem to me. And surely one person in that family or town could be accepting of someone who doesn't choose to actually get married. I know lots of couples who just won't get married and that's fine and their choice and they aren't any less happy because of it. Now as I said it could be the problem for a specific couple and maybe was one of the problems for this couple. But really the biggest problem was these two had been together for years and had a child together and yet Heather was Connors big dark secret. He never even mentioned her to his family. That has to be the biggest issue I heard in the whole story. Connor was spending holidays with his family so that means he wasn't with Heather. Plus most couples in that type of long term commitment do consider their partner family. Connor obviously didn't. I just couldn't get past the whole story going by and not a single person telling Connor what a jerk he is for keeping her a secret and making her feel like she wasn't even really a part of his family not necessarily as a whole, but as the immediate part.

After you get past that. Connor and Heather have all the problems you would expect with someone who wants marriage and someone who doesn't believe in it. They have lots to overcome with just that and their story is nice and I'm glad to see another O'Brien HEA.

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