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Lucky in Love by Jill Shalvis
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Nov 17, 2011

really liked it
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Read in June, 2012

We return to the town of Lucky Harbor again, with the Chocoholics the focus this time, three women who meet in the middle of a storm, Mallory Quinn the town's good girl, Amy, the waitress with a kick-ass attitude and the new arrival Grace, down on her luck.

The three women bond over chocolate and rescue the "Mysterious Cute Guy", a new arrival in town six months ago who keeps to himself. Mallory is an ER nurse, it is her passion, more than that it is her way to open HSC, a clinic to help people, people like her sister Karen who took her own life. Mallory's siblings were wild and she was the only good one, trying to make up for them, but when her sister OD'ed and died she took it a step further, trying to fix the problems of the whole world, thinking if she was good people would love her and nothing bad would happen but life doesn't work that way, her parents still got divorced.

Mallory hates being called "good", yes she helps people and is always there for everyone but she also wants something for herself after a lifetime of being giving and then it happens, at the auction she finds herself getting hot and heavy in a closet with the "Mysterious Cute Guy".

The "Mysterious Cute Guy" is Ty Garrison, an ex-Navy SEAL medic with a whole host of issues. Ty is still haunted by what happened four years ago, his whole team wiped out and him unable to do anything. He still gets nightmares and has re-injured his leg again which is stopping him from going back to the private contractors he works for, ever since he got out of the Navy four years ago. Ty is a very solitary person and alone in the world, his parents too were military and they are gone now and he never made connections. There is Matt, the forest ranger who brought him to Lucky Harbor but there is still a distance there because everyone dies on Ty.

Ty isn't looking for anything, ever his mental frame isn't that great and he knows Mallory is the white picket fence type but they still end up having a sizzling encounter and Ty finds himself seeking her out, like going to her to take out his stitches, when he could do them himself, all of this taking him back to the medicine he left behind four years ago.

The town of Lucky Harbor is as interfering as ever, Mallory is theirs so everyone pokes a nose in her business. I enjoyed the book a lot and loved seeing Mallory struggle to balance her life against the expectations of all and what she needed. For me the best moment was when she put herself first when it came to her family, acknowledged that her sister's death wasn't her fault and when her mom absolved her of the huge responsibility she seemed to carry for her family. Her mother saw that they were being selfish and maybe Mallory could be selfish when it came to Ty. And Amy and Grace pushing Mallory to let her bad girl out was funny as well.

For Mallory Ty is her indulgence, but she knows she is getting in deep with him. Ty seems to keep parts of himself closed off and tells her, he is going to leave. She only gets snippets from him, like his dad being a Navy mechanic and for a long while thinks he is one too. Normally I get annoyed by too goody-shoes heroines in books but I really liked Mallory. She was a great character, with faults and fears and was so good with Ty.

Ty too was a great hero, flawed and super sexy. I mean he got up in the middle of the night to fix Mallory's car, defended her to some busy-bodies, saved her auction and donated to her clinic, can you say yummy? Despite all his claims of not getting involved, his actions said the opposite. Even when he got medical clearance to go back to his work, which he was waiting for, he stayed for Mallory. He calls himself a jerk so many times for what is going on between Mallory and him, because he cared about her getting hurt.

Jill Shalvis is truly a gifted contemporary author who can make you fall in love with all her characters. This book is filled with humor, depth and great sexual tension. Not to be missed.
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