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Rashi's Daughters by Maggie Anton
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Nov 17, 11

Read in November, 2011

Rashi's daughters, Joheved - is book 1 of 3. Joheved being the eldest daughter of Rashi, one of Judaism's greatest scholars. I got this book from a book swap and although I love nistorical fiction, I knew very little about orthodox Judaism. I sure learned a lot by reading this book!

I loved the main character Joheved, she appears to be very strong willed and independent for a woman of that era. Actually all of the women of the household have strong personalities. Rivka, Saloman's wife, a devout woman, yet ever fearing various demons. Leah, the grandmother, a strong woman who in her time took care of the vinyards and did the bookkeeping. Unfortunately she slowly succumed to old age and dementia. Sarah, Rivka's sister, an accomplished midwife, saving newborns and women in childbirth and passing on her expertise to Miriam the second youngest daughter of Salomen Rashi. Rachel is the youngest daughter, little is mentioned of her in this book.

Although I loved most of this book, there is just too much reference to Talmudic sex and something I learned called Yetzer Hara. Yetzer Hara seems to be overtaking the second half of the book when Meir, Joheved's bethroved enters the picture. It is almost laughable and yet you can feel his misery when he has to run to the well to cool himself off because of his sexual urges. I was going to lend this book to a (widowed) friend of mine but because of the sexual content I could not force myself to do do.

I am going to pick up the second book in the series - Miriam (she was the one studying to be a midwife). Once you get started on a series, it's hard to stop at one book.


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