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Apr 26, 2012

(Review from the author)
it was amazing

I have given my memoir five stars but I won't be reviewing it. One of my readers gave it a 5 Star rating at Amazon on April 25, 2012:
Emotion, the main character of Fine Art
By patsanno

"Clips and Consequences" was a surprise. It is a belief of mine that the main ingredient of fine art is emotion as opposed to technique. Emotion comes in many forms, negative and positive and this book has it all. Reading Beth Myrle Rice's snippets of her life from the mid 1980s to 2000 is full of her struggles to manage and cope with the complexities of life in an arena foreign to most of us.

I urge the reader to read with an open mind as the walls we build for ourselves are not the same walls that she had. As a result, she was forced to live under the large thumbs of others.

Truly a free spirit, this writer/artist moves through life with love and purpose. This book is loaded with emotion, negative and positive, a good read.

And, reviewed it at length. The condensed version of that review, as it posted at Amazon on April 18, 2012, looks like this:
Clips & Consequences is in part what is known as a confessional memoir. In other words, the book focuses on Beth's interior journey as outer events unfold in her life. The thrust of Beth's story is a custody situation in which she is coerced into signing away parental rights under threat of going to jail. As the jacket copy states: Beth muddles through a range of fear, shame, anger, and remorse, until she stumbles onto the path to recovery while immersing in Seattle's Post-Grunge music scene and Poetry Slam, working with the skateboard industry, and reveling in her new-found sex goddess role. Ultimately she involves in a calling to regain her spirit.

The book as a whole is an organization of a wide variety of material from roughly 1995 through 1999, including journal entries, personal letters, original poetry, photographs, and photocopies of documents and pages from pertinent publications, in all more than 350 pages yielding what can only be described as stark emotional honesty.

Beth learns to live with the forced separation from her daughter while building her career as a sales rep, navigating the dating scene as a single woman for the first time in many years, and facing her personal flaws with honest self-criticism. "Sometimes I wonder if all clips of consequence, analyzing...those frames that have strong impact," she writes in an unmailed letter to her daughter. Beth's questions of herself include her addiction to cigarettes, her personal use of alcohol, and her obsession with a local musician.

This memoir not only documents a personal journey, it also serves as social and political witness: Who gets to decide what a `good mother' is? Are mistakes `wrong'? "It is not a rarity for a good person to make a wrong choice," Beth writes. "Is twenty years in prison congruous with this act?" Through her journals and letters, Beth reconstitutes outer influences and inner motivations and by March of 1997 she realizes: "I am now changing my perception of this whole story."

Beth's writing has clarity and her ability to organize all of this material is impressive but more importantly, she achieves what I believe was her goal with this memoir, to not only document a healing journey, but in addition, show herself as fully human. In this last regard, whether or not a reader enjoys this memoir will depend on how willing one is to be exposed to another person's inside workings in minute detail, in writing. I give this book 4 stars.

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Beth Myrle Rice
“Earlier on I said something so lucidly philosophical that my oratory rambled non-stop right into expressing amazement I had just said that.”
Beth Myrle Rice, Clips & Consequences: a memoir

Beth Myrle Rice
“Honesty scares quite a lot of people.”
Beth Myrle Rice, Clips & Consequences: a memoir

Beth Myrle Rice
“people don't get me
it's more rule than exception
God bless exceptions”
Beth Myrle Rice, Clips & Consequences: a memoir

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Cathy Scholtens How do I find the reviews for C&C?

message 2: by Beth (last edited Dec 08, 2011 10:45AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Beth Rice Hi Cathy. Thanks for asking. I'm just learning to navigate Goodreads myself. On the book's page in the left column scroll down to Community Reviews to see what folks are saying about the book. I suspect my view, from the Author's page, might be a bit different from the Community's view. I hope that helps.

message 3: by Clay Henderson (new)

Clay Henderson Written from her very graphic life. Read with an open mind and heart.

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