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Native Son by Richard Wright
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Nov 16, 2011

it was amazing
Read in November, 2011

Old school novels are sometimes some of the greatest pieces of writing a person may ever read in there lives. I love to read books that show some sort of growth in the character or are a critique on the society they live in In this case I will be talking about Richard Wrights brilliant master piece is titled Native Son. Richard Wright use the main character Bigger Thomas as a way to express his anger with the society he lived in at the time. Richard Wright is able to convey his anger with society in such a brilliant way that I almost feel that while I am reading the book he is right next to me yelling at me to try to get his point across. I can confidently say that I am 100 percent in love with any books that are about a social economically struggle or critic the society that we live in. Richard Wright talks about three major problems in society he first talks about how young black man must grow up so fast and fell they have to conform to the norms of society. He also talks about the unfair treatment of blacks in society. He also express a large amount of unfairness for blacks in the job market.

Bigger is only 19 years of age and he is forced to play the role of the man of the house. His father left the house when Bigger was only 10. Richard Wright makes it very clear that Bigger does not want to be the “man of the house”. It is stated in the book that Bigger is not at all ready to run a home or even get a job. All though this may be true Bigger is forced to get a job because his mom says to him “please get a job i don't want people to think you are a bum”. That is an example of Richard Wright showing how black males must somehow conform to the ways of white American if not they may be shunned from parts of society. Native Son talks about Communism many times over. Communism is talked about because bigger at one point thought about joining the movement but was stoped for the fear of being shunned. The book talks about how some people are to stupid to realize that Communism is not a terrible thing and that people need to stop being so ignorant. He also is able to acknowledge the fact that most Americans see communism as a terrible thing because what they are told in the media.
Richard Wright wrote the book in the 40’s so there fore we all should be aware of what was going on during the time period. For those that may not know it was segregation meaning blacks were treated different in all ways then white people. In the book you can clearly tell that Richard Wright finds racism as the stupidest thing that is around. It states in the book that Bigger had to pee so bad one day and he had to run a mile because the only bathroom near him was in a white restaurant. As he is running you can tell he hates the idea that whites and blacks can not use the same bathroom so much that he was ready to fight the store owner because he felt that he was being pointed out just because of the color of his skin which he was not able to prevent no matter how bad he wanted to there was nothing he can do about it.

In the forties the job market for an African American male was not so great. It was very hard for them to find a well paying job because blacks mostly hired blacks and most blacks did not work at any great paying jobs. During the time period if an African American had all the qualification he still would not get the job due to the injustice that was seen as an okay act by white America. Bigger was not able to find a great job because of the color if his skin. It took Bigger maybe five tries before he even got a decent job for a rich white family. Bigger himself was so upset because he knew he would be driving these white people to work and where every they wanted because he was not able to get a better job because of the color of his skin.
All in all this is the greatest book a person can ever read! It touches on anything a person wants in a book. It has sadness, violence, happiness, love and even sneakiness. I do not think a person can ask for any more in one book to have. I highly recommend this book to any one that loves to read or just wants to read a great book.

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