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Seven Days That Divide The World by John C. Lennox
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Nov 16, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: christian, science, audiobook
Read in November, 2011

John Lennox deals with the first chapter of Genesis and unveils the difficulties with the creation story that go back to the time of Augustine, long before science came on the scene. Even before the theory of evolution, Christian have puzzled and scratched their head, trying to understand the Creation story. One thing I like is that Lennox strongly believes in the inspiration of scriptures and he wants to to faithfully interpret the bible, though he does understand there are different ways to interpret scripture. He shows that sometime there is a need to adjust our interpretation in light of science, like the Reformers had to change their understanding of various scriptures that made them believe the earth was fixed and not spinning around the sun.
He shares the different ways of interpreting Genesis chapter one and the difficulties with them and eventually does an excellent job showing that "days" meaning a period of time does not do violence to the text. There is also the possibilities from the grammatical structure of the Hebrew that it could be an actual day and then a long period of time before the next day when God spoke. He deals pretty well with some theological problems that arise with an old earth interpretation of the text (though briefly), one of which is death before the fall. He does feel strong that man is unique and made in God's image, I kind of got the impression that he may not then believe in man's decent from the apes.
I am so thankful for this book, i just so with the book was twice a long, i really respect his thoughts and I so wish I could have a long conversation with him concerning questions I have. I do hope to find more books on the subject, but yeah, i was very please to at least find one from one of my favorite apologist.
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