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Scored by Lauren McLaughlin
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Nov 16, 2011

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What is ist with YA dystopia writers that they never seem to get the endings right?! Someone should open up a school for that, honestly.

OK, that was my greatest problem with the book. All in all, it's not a bad read. The main character is credible, but sometimes I'd have liked her to be either more (for the reader to identify) or less critical (so as to underline the kind of brainwashing she's been subject to). It would even have been possible to present her as hesitant, but then, some more ideas of her could have been shown. It would have been easy and credible to insert some more thoughts in the answers to Diego's first set of questions.

I really liked the setting, especially the economic and environmental extrapolation.
Moreover, I think the dialogues are very helpful when it comes to understanding the characters' ideas and points of view. As there's not much in the way of a plot, this is necessary.
Now for the ending, as I think these issues are connected. The ending's that shallow simply because there isn't really a plot to begin with. No conspiracy, really (they're just a band, goodness gracious), no plans of overthrowing the system, no dramatic dilemma to be solved, no last-minute rescue. Well, I would have been OK with something on a smaller scale, too, it just didn't happen.
Ms Wheeler could have been exploited more fully in that respect. I mean, come on, she's even got a little background story - why do we learn about where she grew up when her character never rises to the occasion of being a formidable foe? No secret connections, no double dealing? And we don't even witness what's happening to her because Imani is busy elsewhere, which is probably good, because presenting the "case" against her would have been pretty lame anyway.

All the possibilities are there, but they don't get used.

Still, three stars for idea, setting, and promising characters. I would read another book by this author, but only if she really wanted to tell a good story.
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