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Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver
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Feb 26, 2012

did not like it
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Read on February 26, 2012

More like 1.5 stars - I can’t believe how angry I am with this book and usually that’s not me. I usually don’t mind something different to fire up the storyline but not with this. I really can’t see WHY there needed to be a love triangle to the story and Alex....Grrrr don't get me started! How frustrating! So disappointed with this. No review.
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message 1: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca What no Alex til the last page! I'm currently reading, Delirium, and enjoying it ALEX! *cries*

Sorry you didn't enjoy it. :|

Donna {Book Passion for Life} I really liked Delirium and I had high hopes for this - even though people were saying it's so different from the first book but this....I just didn't like it! And I'm so angry with Lena! :(

Kayleigh {K-Books} WHAT?!?!?!?! NO ALEX TILL THE LAST PAGE?!?! How the hell can I get through the book with no Alex???????? I am going to go cry now.

Donna {Book Passion for Life} Yep Kay! Seriously....I just don't think there was any need for him to been MIA - maybe a few pages but the whole book??? NO WAY!

Kayleigh {K-Books} OMG the whole reason I was freaking out at the end of Delirium was because I needed to know what happened to Alex. I already want to scream and I don't even have the book lol.
How can I get through the book with no Alex :'(

Donna {Book Passion for Life} Maybe you will still like it Kay but me I didn't.

Kayleigh {K-Books} I still have hopes. I'll probably read it super fast to get to where Alex comes in even though then it will be over LOL

Donna {Book Passion for Life} Yeah....I hope you like it. Other people seemed too but I just hated the love triangle!!! Grrrr! It's going to be a horrible wait now for book three.

Kayleigh {K-Books} Yea, after the end of book 1 i was kinda expecting a love triangle to happen so maybe I'll like it

Donna {Book Passion for Life} Lol I hope you do! Let me know once you read it. I'm dying to talk about it properly. lol

Kayleigh {K-Books} I will do =)

Wee Shubba's World So glad I'm not alone!!!! I felt like there was something wrong with me. Cause eberyone is raving about it. I couldn't even finish it.

Donna {Book Passion for Life} Siobhan, did you read the last two pages????

Wee Shubba's World Not yet. Im going to as soon as I get home.

Donna {Book Passion for Life} Please Siobhan!! I need someone to talk to it about. lol

Wee Shubba's World Donna {Book Passion for Life} wrote: "Please Siobhan!! I need someone to talk to it about. lol"

I read it!!!!!!!!!! Seriously pissed off!!!!!!!!!

Donna {Book Passion for Life} Yay! Finally!!! I can talk about it!. (view spoiler)

Wee Shubba's World LOL. (view spoiler)

Donna {Book Passion for Life} Totally agree!!! (view spoiler) Will you read book three?

Wee Shubba's World Aaaaaarrrrhhhh I know (view spoiler) yeah I will read book 3 lol. cause I need to see how it plays out

Donna {Book Passion for Life} 100% AGREE!!!! (view spoiler)

Wee Shubba's World OMG I know! (view spoiler)

Donna {Book Passion for Life} That's what I'm worried about! (view spoiler)

Amy (Turn the Page) ^ I really hope that doesn't happen! Too easy and takes away Lena's choice in any case!

(view spoiler)

Donna {Book Passion for Life} Ha! nailed it! And you know I totally agree!!
Poor poor Alex! I can only imagine what he's thinking =(

Joy (Cheery♡Reads) Oh, wow. This is shocking.

Jessica Aw man, I just purchased it, I REALLY hope it doesn't let me down... we'll see! Fingers crossed! Sorry it wasn't good for you! :/ BOOO!

Donna {Book Passion for Life} You guys might like it and I hope you do but for me, I hated it!!!! :(

Jessa I am still reading, but my prediction from the book jacket and people saying they are mad at the ending is (view spoiler)

Donna {Book Passion for Life} nailed it! Let me know what you think after :)

Jessa Really??? Ugh figures lol, even the last part? I kept hoping I was wrong boo haha..oh well at least I'm kind of mentally prepared for it lol...I have mixed feelings about it all so far...will let you know what I think after I finish tonight :) then onto Partials!

message 32: by Erin (new) - rated it 1 star

Erin OKay, so I finished Delirium this morning and started this one right away thanks to that awful cliffhanger. I got maybe 2% in and I started getting this god-awful feeling in the pit of my stomach. I was bad, I admit, and I cheated...I flipped to the end to see if what I was worried about was actually going to happen. And now, as you probably have figured out, I'm ABSOLUTELY crushed. What in God's name was Oliver thinking?!!! I know I didn't read the whole thing, but there is NOTHING that could be included in those lines between 2% and 90% that would make up for how completely heartless this story has become. I'm so upset, I was actually crying...crying! How could she make us fall for Alex like that and then...BAM! Love triangle or not, how could she do this to him?! And Lena, I say screw her for not even bothering to try and find Alex!! Oh, he's dead, let's move on...God, I'm just so pissed right now and I really hate Oliver for doing this!!

Donna {Book Passion for Life} Ha! Erin...don't worry...I cheated too! I couldn't help myself but yeah...I was so angry when I found out but I carried on reading and it was just dull and boring! And adding another love triangle when there was really no need. Poor Alex! I was so, so angry at Lena!!!

Wee Shubba's World I cheated aswell. I forced myself to read around 120 pages then read the last chapter. It was awful.

message 35: by Donna {Book Passion for Life} (last edited Mar 06, 2012 09:09AM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Donna {Book Passion for Life} What did you tell the publishers Siobhan? lol I'm glad I have Jess reviewing it!

message 36: by Erin (new) - rated it 1 star

Erin It would take nothing short of a miracle to save my hatred of this series for me, and I can pretty much say I'm certain I know where Oliver is going with this. Alex is obviously turned, so he'll be the bad guy against them for the whole rest of the series, at which point he'll either be killed off or he'll sacrifice himself to save Lena...the bitch that doesn't deserve to breathe the same air as him! Short of Bloodrose, which IMO was bad but at least gave you a clue to where it was going (plus, Shay was there from the very start vs. this Julian guy who we didn't even see until Pand.), no other writer has treated her fans with this little respect. You don't make your readers feel this strongly about a character only to tear their hearts out. There was no need, there was no warning, and there was no way to not end up with a large % of her readers HATING it. I'm still in shock that there are people liking this story!!!

message 37: by Wee Shubba's World (last edited Mar 06, 2012 12:09PM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Wee Shubba's World Donna {Book Passion for Life} wrote: "What did you tell the publishers Siobhan? lol I'm glad I have Jess reviewing it!"

I still don't know what to tell them. I'm still planing on giving it to destiny for review. But cause she in America I need wait till I have money to ship it over.

Donna {Book Passion for Life} @ Erin, I'm with you! Although I actually enjoyed Bloodrose mainly because I wasn't set on one specific team but loved it nonetheless. Now this, you already know how I feel. I just think that it's mean to do this to loyal fans that loved book one and didn't agree with the love triangle. And I know, there are so many people loving this book and I'm like WTF! How? I feel like Lena betrayed Alex...she didn't try, she gave up but when it came to losing Julian she know? I just want book three now to see hot things goes!!

Siobhan, just tell them you didn't like it! It's going to cost loads to ship it too Destiny! =(

Wee Shubba's World Hopefully it won't cost too much. Lol. And thankfully the arc is tiny. Be worse if it was the final hardback copy. Lol.

message 40: by Erica (new) - added it

Erica There's a love triangle? I was just coming to see if it was worth buying the second one or not....*sigh* I hate love triangles.

Donna {Book Passion for Life} I really wish I'd just skipped this book out completely because it ruined the series for me, saying that most people loved it, so you might too. If your a fan of the first book, then I'd say read it so you at least know for yourself. =)

Lulufrances OKAY WAIT WHAT!!? Alex isn't dead??? Please answer!!

Donna {Book Passion for Life} Lol (view spoiler) BUT and this is the reason I HATED this book (view spoiler)

Simone Hello :) I know I'm late to this party, but if what you guys are saying is Alex doesn't show up til the end of book 2, I'm going to repeatedly pound my head into a wall! I just finished book one and am madly in love with Alex. I'm picking up 2 from the library tomorrow and I'm almost scared to read it... I'll be back to post after I finish it (hopefully)...

Donna {Book Passion for Life} It's going to be one of them books you love or you hate. I only rated the first book 3.5 stars so I wasn't in love with this series as much as most people, so for book two, it was easy for me not to like it because the person I liked most wasn't there. I'll defo read the last book though. =)

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