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What Should I Do with My Life? by Po Bronson
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Nov 15, 2011

really liked it
Read in November, 2011

I really like Po Bronson and his writing style and his “journey” through this book. I admire above all the way that he organized and synthesized this book, without turning complicated life stories into cutesy vignettes or anecdotes used to prove a point, though sometimes he slipped towards that, though in the legitimate way that we all do when we are trying to re-write a psycho-history.

The biggest things I took away from this book was the idea that I have an inner circle and this is how i judge my actions and their value. I am pretty sure I know who is in that inner circle and it is kind of disappointing/scary and I don’t know what to do, exactly.

Also, I love being re-assured that everyone struggles, hates their jobs, and doesn’t have a life plan. That we are all just trying to do our best and get through this and maybe end up at what we want, but we don’t always, or it takes an interesting turn.

Many of the more philosophical questions/issues associated with the question “what should I do with my life” are things I have been struggling with a lot over the last two years, so i already knew things like “this is really important, don’t feel guilty for thinking about it,” but again, it is nice to hear those re-iterated. Also nice to realize once again that we all have problems, doubts, struggles, and questions about our jobs, careers, decisions, and places in life. It doesn’t matter who you are. It doesn’t matter if the Dalai Lama himself tells you want you should do with your life. You are still going to struggle a lot, because we all do.

Also, shout out to Gen X! This is their book, really. It doesn’t have anything to do with us Millennials. Which is nice, because like I was saying in my Fear and Loathing review, reading about historical things as if they were happening today gives a great perspective. So we just had all our hopes and assumptions about working life in America dashed because of a recession. So What?! That’s happened before, that happened just 10 years ago. It was a big deal and so was this, but it’s not totally hopeless and it’s not the end of the world. So That was healthy too.

I feel like I should read this again in another 5 years, though, because some of the lessons were a little too above my head. Maybe I will get them next time.

Overall, good book, liked it and the message. Helped with mental processes, but I am still left without any ideas for what I should do with my OWN life.

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