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Archangel's Blade by Nalini Singh
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Nov 15, 2011

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bookshelves: paranormal-pnr, romance-or-erotica
Read in November, 2011

3.5 stars.

I had to purposely avoid picturing Dmitri as his cover art paints him which to me, looks like an amped up version of Kevin Nealon which is just all sorts of wrong. Being able to do that helped tremendously you have no idea! I thought it was very entertaining & blew through overnight.

This book follows typical romance outline....spirited, brave woman who has gone through a horrific abuse meets off-the-charts Alpha male who has demons of his own. Will the love of a good woman make an honest man out of him? Of course it will!

Aside from the last book, Singh usually writes engaging thrillers that are well paced. She is surprisingly dark & violent with often brutal imagery/scenes to imagine & this was no different.

I really enjoyed learning more about Dmitri. I always thought he was an great character.

I liked Honor & her backstory. The villain was clever but moreover, the characters were clever (& often downright violently nasty) in how they tracked & received their information. They were competent & never running around like chickens without a head which I really appreciate. I like characters I can have a bit of faith in that I know they know what they're doing & they have experience to back it.

We're there McCheesy moments. Yeah...some of the antagonistic dialog between Dmitri & Honor in the 1st 25% of the book had me rolling my eyes but by the end I got over it & thought it was pretty well done example of how to write about epic love in one instalment of 336 pages or less.

The other thing I liked about this was there wasn't a lot of info dumping in spite of it being a part of an ongoing series. I would think, esp. as it's the 1st book to not be about Elena or Raphael that there would've been a ton of backstory but there wasn't. Again, aside from the last book which just may have been a blip, Singh doesn't really do that too much & it was used very sparingly in this instalment.


At 1st I was wondering why Singh had to have Honor be Dmitri's reincarnated wife, however by the end I got it. After surviving a brutal 2 month imprisoned torture at the hands of sadistic vamps, there had to be a really good plot mechanism to allow Honor to go for D & it be remotely plausible. If there wasn't that soul deep connection, the book would've really flopped b'c it would've totally been horribly cheesy so unrealistic, it would've been insulting to abuse survivors.

However, considering she had to complete their story in one book in the overall series, she did a pretty good job at coming up with a fairly plausible plot device to move it along without pissing the majority of readers off with a common mistake I see a lot of authors make, which is a love conquers all theory so much so that they can get over a gang rape, torture justlikethatwhentherightmansuddenlycomesalong (ahem...Queen of Shadows, yeah I'm talking you).

I think if you're looking for a fast paced, pretty smart, absorbing beach read with some emotional tug, I think this series generally has it, esp this book which you can read on it's own.


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