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Defiant Ecstasy by Janelle Taylor
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For a perfect recap of what passes for plot read this review.

I'll let that one speak a bit for me, or else my rant would not be pretty:

This was, without a doubt, The Absolute Worst Book I've Ever Read. Everything that was annoying and inept in the first book - the "see Spot run" writing, the endless internal questions of the characters, the perfectiousness of Alisha, the interminable Big Mis - Janelle double-downed on it all. What a gooey hot mess this book was. And not a good mess like fresh S'mores. This was a driving-through-fresh-asphalt-patching-and-wet-yellow-road-paint-in-your-newly-washed-white-convertible mess.

Nothing happened. I repeat, Nothing. Happened. After 150 pages of waiting, I finally gave up all expectations of even "Things Are Doing Things" and had to settle for the endless spinning of wheels as nearly all the words in this book took place in the heads of the characters. No, really!

Alisha wonders what Gray Eagle is thinking, Gray Eagle sees her expression and knows what she's thinking, but doesn't correct her (cuz it's never The Right Time to let her know he speaks English), Powchutu/White Arrow/Brave Bear sometimes enter the mix to think their own thoughts about the other's thoughts, and so on and so on.

Boring. Boring. Boring.

Alisha, so fragile, delicate and adorable (so we're told) in the first book, becomes a flailing hysterical mess this time around. I lost track of how many times she cried, tears spilling beautifully from her eyes and down her cheeks. She was always The Victim, seeing every event in the book as a "cruel joke" at her expense and hated by all (even when their actions spoke the opposite):

But now, the most unforgivable part of this book. What Janelle Taylor did to Gray Eagle. He was The Best Part of the first book, an awesome alpha hero whose actions were somewhat mostly explainable due to his honor and pride as a chief's son. But this time around, he becomes pretty much a cardboard cipher, helplessly wringing his hands on the sidelines because it's not yet The Right Time to speak English and clear everything up. I went from


and then after

Would this be his last chance to tell her everything within his heart and mind?...Would he die without her ever knowing how much he loved her and why he was doing this? Would he never see the look on her face when he said those words of love to her?...I love you too much to tell you these things now, Cinstinna, he thought. If I am killed this day, the pain of forgetting me will be far greater. It will be easier to forget your enemy than your love. She would not have the time to know if I spoke the truth and would be in torment for a long time. She would think it to be a last, cruel taunt. It would be far too cruel for her to know of my love just before my death. I will remain silent until you are mine. If it is to be, I will carry your love to my death.

And that pretty much sums up my reaction to this big giant flaming turd of a book.
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01/20/2012 page 30
6.0% "This is the first sequel I've read whose 1st chapter is a lengthy expansion of the first book's last chapter!"
01/21/2012 page 45
10.0% "OMFGfergawdssakes, Janelle. Can we have some showing instead of telling? Pleeeeze? " 4 comments
01/23/2012 page 125
27.0% "Would something happen already???? " 4 comments
01/24/2012 page 220
47.0% "Janelle Taylor, Master Writer, Masterfully Writing Our Heroine:

"She scurried around like an excited chipmunk collecting a windfall of cone nuggets."

[image error]" 12 comments
01/25/2012 page 300
65.0% "OMG, the clunky Foreshadowing! "Unfortunately Powchutu and Alisha had left the group and did not hear the conversation among the men. She would not know of these events and Gray Eagle's feelings until too late. This talk could have prevented a lot of pain and fear on her part. It could also have prevented hatred and spite on Powchutu's part. These few words could have changed what was shortly to take place..." 3 comments
01/25/2012 page 300
65.0% "How bad is this book? I'm doing my algebra homework and I'm happy to have that excuse to not read."
01/26/2012 page 359
77.0% "To confront Alisha when he already knew the truth would only complicate matters now. Again, deadly silence was a necessity!
This lameass contrivance to drag out more nothingness is really chapping my hide." 1 comment

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Kerrie Too late - finished it last night. Writing review now :D

Karla Yup yup yup, I think all three of us were on the same page with this book. And Jeanine would have been if she hadn't been super-smarter than us and bailed. :D

That progression of disenchantment with Gray Eagle is perfect.

Now that the excruciating pain is all behind us, let's read something better! :D

Kerrie Karla (Mossy Love Grotto) wrote: "Now that the excruciating pain is all behind us, let's read something better! :D"

Yes! Check the updates for my latest read!

message 4: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Is that a direct quote thar at the end? o_____O

This book must certainly blow donkey balls. But that gif is awesome. Bwahaha. *saves*

Kerrie Yes. Direct quote. But I did take out a couple lines from it.

The whole book is like that. The WHOLE BOOK. The characters endlessly asking themselves endless questions...

Karla But why should Janelle (or ANY author) ever change when their books are gobbled up and squeed over despite overwhelming FAIL at Basic Writing 101? It happened back in the 80s and it's still happening today. (*cough*Kristen Ashley*cough*)

And romance readers wonder why they have a reputation for eagerly consuming mediocre dreck....

Kerrie Jeanine, I'm sure there must but a good one out there... somewhere.... But I have a feeling that any good Indian stories are going to be shorter on romance and longer on history. I've got quite a few on my bookshelf of varying genres, so I'll let y'all know. :D

Karla This is the one I'm most interested in
Walk In Beauty by Sabina Grant

Karla I'm pessimistic and cynical about so much, but Indian roms....somehow my optimism springs eternal. :D I'm such a chump.

message 10: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Kerrie wrote: "Yes. Direct quote. But I did take out a couple lines from it.

The whole book is like that. The WHOLE BOOK. The characters endlessly asking themselves endless questions..."

Hot damn. I feel an ulcer coming on just with that little clipped paragraph.

Kerrie And after a whole book of it, I had begun to lose the will to live. It was that bad! I'm sure Sis can back me up here.

message 12: by Karla (new) - rated it 1 star

Karla All the way! :P

message 13: by Sarah (new)

Sarah You guys have some serious intestinal fortitude to finish that dreck. My hat goes off to you both. *sweepsing Musketeer bow*

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