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Journey by Mireille Chester
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Nov 15, 2011

really liked it
Read from November 15 to 17, 2011

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We start up right where we left the first book, Hayden, Jasper and Dodge are on a quest to the northern territories so that Dodge can find his stone and become a ‘winged one’ and to keep Hayden from the clutches of the Namael’s Queen Melana and the Maj’s vengeful second in command, Rainen. Their journey however is filled with danger and betrayal but they find help from an unexpected source only to have Hayden fall into the hands of a new enemy, another that would use her as a weapon but in the most despicable way. Bonds are broken and re-forged as Hayden makes a discovery about who and what is really the threat to Quelondain and vows to unite the shifters against their true enemy. But her enemies won’t be easily swayed and for all there is loss, there is also gain as alliances are formed and people continue to flock to Hayden, willing to believe in ‘the chosen one. Hayden & Jasper are put in some very life threatening dangerous positions and have no choice but to take themselves out of the constant danger and return to Hayden’s world to ready themselves for what is coming . . . . . . but will they want to return ? and will they truly be safe anywhere ?

Another really good book, full of adventure and love, hope, joy, sorrow . . . . I don’t think there is an emotion I didn’t go through during this book. I love how the characters are growing and feel for them quite a bit. Hayden has blossomed from a person happy in her solitude to a determined woman who puts everyone else before herself, even enemies, even though her status puts her in constant danger, She rises to every challenge even if her path isn’t clear. As always Jasper is by her side, supporting her through everything no matter what, always believing in her. He has changed from a solitary person also, one used to taking or giving orders unconditionally until he became fated to Hayden and she became his world. Still loving the fated thing and love the way its brought to the reader, not just with the two main characters but with them all, you can really get a sense for the depth of emotions they are going through and it’s the type of love any romantic dreams of. I’m always wondering when we meet new people who they are going to be fated to, is it going to be anyone we know and even liked the little complication that arose concerning Alex. It was also good to see what happened when being fated isn’t a good thing and the downside of it.

The plot moved along quite nicely and kept me really interested, we were introduced to more players and you get a feel for where it is going to go without it being too obvious, there was a nice little side plot there that wasn’t centred around Hayden that was good too. I really like the world that’s created and although we get answers, I also have questions that I hope get addressed in the next book. I want to know more about the Gysps and where they come from? What they meant by what they said? Will Hayden travel to the other continent? Will we see more of Faren? Will she have to kill Rainen? Will she become the ruler of everything? I have lots more too so I’m really excited about the final instalment . . . . . I have a feeling it’s going to be epic.
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