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Clockwise by Elle Strauss
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If I had to summarize this for Twitter it would be: Time traveling teen takes crush along for the ride to pre-Civil War America. It was a super quick enjoyable read. While it is romance, being a YA romance it is very light on the romance end. The two characters have very hesitant interactions which I didn’t find to be overwhelming. Mostly, you’ll be reading about Casey’s affections for Nate.

Pros: Fast pace keeps you wondering as to what is going to happen next. When or where is she going to trip next into the past? I liked Casey’s character and how strong she was. Family relations built in the book were very realistic. The high school teenage girl crushing was very well done, I could totally imagine my kid sister behaving this way. She also had a good explanation of what Casey thought to be the trigger for her trips to the past. Though, I wonder about the trips themselves – Time doesn’t flow at in the past and in the present. I found Casey’s thoughts on time travel and effecting the future by being in the past to be interesting.

Cons: The way the time traveling is introduced was too rushed for me. It was just a few pages in and then blammo - Casey explains it herself. It was just too ‘in your face’ with the information. There was no lead in or smooth transition there - which I find didn’t fit well with the rest of the book. Especially, since the start of a book usually sets a precedence for the rest of it. That in and of itself was the major drawback of this book for me – because I think it really could have been better done. I didn’t love the cover art because it looked really flat. The graphic itself I feel could have been improved upon if it could have been given more depth.

Based on the authors writing style that I experienced from the rest of the book I think I can expect to enjoy her future work.
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