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I Heart Vegas by Lindsey Kelk
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Dec 16, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: chick-lit
Read from December 11 to 15, 2011

*May contain spoilers*

The adventures of Angela carry on in I Heart Vegas with Angela getting a letter in the post saying if she doesn't get a US visa in the next 40 days she will be sent back to London, and that doesn't give her a Christmas extension! In typical Angela fashion, she buries her head in the sand, telling people what they want to hear especially Alex her boyfriend that she lives with, that everything will be fine and she'll sort it out. After sending out lots of proposals to other publishing types, getting rejection letters and visiting Laurence the Lawyer just for him to tell her she sucks, Angela starts to feel a little down and worried what she can do. Enter Jenny Lopez, Angela's best friend to whisk her off to Vegas for the weekend.
Despite her problems Angela gets excited about her weekend away, when Erin pulls out, Jenny's new flat mate and model Sadie joins in, much to Angela's dismay. On top of this Angela finds out Jeff, Jenny's ex boyfriend and one time love of her life will also be going to Vegas - on his bachelor party and Alex has been asked to tag along.
Angela is having a good time in Vegas, but sometimes thinking about her Visa business gets her down, when Jenny suggests she just gets Alex to marry her, surely she couldn't do that, could she?

I love Angela and her adventures, I love Jenny Lopez, she is the best friend anyone would want to have, I love Angela and Alex together, they are great and most of all I love Lindsey Kelk's writing, it flows off the page, so easy to read, she makes the characters relatable, even when they are in situations you would never be in, such as in Vegas.
I loved the storyline, following on from the previous book, Angela struggling to find a job and therefore when her US visa runs out, it makes it difficult to apply for a new one. I can relate to Angela through this book as I myself am looking for a job and finding it difficult so I felt like we were going through similar stuff.
As soon as Jenny mentioned Vegas I knew they would get up to some wild and weird stuff, Erin has to pull out after discovering she was pregnant, yay! so in stepped Jenny's new flat mate Sadie, uber model and bitch.
I couldn't believe Jenny organised the trip so that they were there the same time as Jeff, even though she was with Sigge, but that meant Alex got to go along and I was glad we might see more Angela and Alex together in Vegas.
I loved all the stuff they got up to in Vegas, the Bellagio? Fountains was amazing I could picture Angela and Jenny both falling in and looking like tits, another funny moment with Angela in the mens toilets at a club and what do you know, James Jacobs and a random man happen to just fall into her lap!
When Jenny suggested that Angela ask Alex to marry her for a visa, I thought it was predictable that someone might say that, and Angela was totally against it, but the it kept cropping up into her mind, I knew she was going to mention it at some point, but when they are taking a boat ride she blurts it out and rambles on how marriage isn't that big of a deal and it's just a piece of paper, basically she's saying what she thinks he wants to hear and Alex is stunned and doesn't say anything for a while, and I'm thinking, oh god she's just fucked it up and probably scared him away, but he turns around and says ok then. I was surprised, maybe he does want to marry Angela then, but he starts to go weird and turns into Angela basically everything he's thinking blurts out, echoing what Angela has said, marriage doesn't mean anything, Jeff isn't taking it seriously so yeah. Much to Angela's dismay she wanted him to want to marry her as well.
He drags her to a chapel and says lets get it out the way, Angela is just stunned at this point and realises she doesn't want this, just as she is about to tell him who stumbles out of the chapel? Sadie and someone they met along the way Ben, but she isn't the one that's just got married, she was the bridesmaid. Then out pops Jenny and Jeff!! I couldn't believe that, they both were drunk and got married enough though Jeff is engaged to someone else and Jenny has a boyfriend!
Alex decides he needs time alone and to think and walks off, I was devastated as was Angela.
I couldn't believe how many arguments they had over Jenny and Jeff, it was a little silly really but Angela wanted to stick up for her friend but it seemed like it was going to cost her, her relationship with Alex, he decides to stay in Vegas another night (sob) and they'll talk when he gets back.
He arrives back and again an argument starts about Jenny and Jeff, she leaves to stay at Jenny's thinking Alex will call when he's ready but 3 days pass by and nothing (sob).
Whilst away in Vegas Angela had an idea to turn her visa problems around, come up with her own magazine with the help of her friends who were well connected, everyone is on board and hope it will work.
Whilst ice skating on Christmas eve, Angela is still upset Alex hasn't rang, it's been a while, she falls on her arse, typical Angela and her friends help her to a bench. Alex appears (yay) and helps her untie her ice skates whilst talking things through, he apologises for everything he's said and gets down on his knees to help her further, he asks her to come home, but that's not all, he pulls out a tiny black box and this is where I got excited, I was soo happy and thrilled! He asks her to marry him, saying he got the ring back in Japan (which was towards the start of the book), I couldn't believe he had it that long, obviously he loved her and wanted to be with her. He probably freaked out about the marriage thing when she asked because he was already planning it and she made out she wasn't bothered.
I was so so happy with this ending and it leaves possible doors open such as the Jenny stuff, what will happen with her, Jeff and Sigge, also the magazine with it go through?
I can't wait for I Heart London, but the title does beg the question, did Angela sort out her visa?

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