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After by Amy Efaw
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Nov 28, 2011

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Im definetly going to be judgemental on the contents of this book, like the author said at the end how she can't fathom what desperation would lead a woman to throw away her baby? Efaw failed for me to feel any sympathy towards Devon, the constant pointing out how smart she was, AP honor roll, leader of her soccer team. Not sexually active, just a 1x thing and she was so disgusted she'd be like her mother that she denied being pregnant? What about school? She was 5'8 slim, athletic!! Come on! She was however a victim of neglect but purposely excluded herself from society when she started feeling"something".. If the authors purpose was to make me feel disgust, enraged then I guess she did her job. FYI I would not recommend this as a YA book, the birth scene is very descriptive and had me skimming :/
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11/28/2011 page 150
43.0% "I dont know.. How a girl whos smart athletic, super soccer player can be so dumb in todays world?! Esp with all the crap on tv 16 an pregnant and all the other garbage tv.. Adoption!! Im not simpathetic :("
11/28/2011 page 290
83.0% "Omg im disgusted, just trying to read the birth scene has me so angry I could choke the life out of this girl myself!"

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Taryn at My Secret Romance I'm sorry, but those people who say they didn't know they were pregnant are lying! How the hell could you not know? NOT POSSIBLE!

Annemarie Im just not convinced by the author so far, the girl(devon) has this little angry spurts when telling her story then a sec later says okkk this is what happened sooo to me that sounds like she has her faculties! But seems to have "blacked" out the actual baby in bag?! Yet remembers the chips and oj she had.

Taryn at My Secret Romance There's a show on tv called, "I didn't know I was pregnant." Please. I don't believe a bit of it. I don't think I could read this book and be ok with Devon not knowing. I find it absolutely impossible not to know.

Annemarie No, she knew. She denied it to the point of IT not existing. Omg I hated this girl! The Mom, the lawyer etc. Ughhh her mother had her at 16 and was/is trampy so omg I had sex with a boy and now im damning myself cause I cant be like dear ol mom?! Puleeze

Taryn at My Secret Romance I have to say that I almost want to read this just to see but I think I'll be too mad to finish it.

Annemarie Lol do it! People loved it!! Me.. Not so much. :)

Mercedes I completely agree! I wasn't impressed with this book at all. Like you, I felt no sympathy for Devon. Who throws a BABY in a trash can?! I didn't like it one bit. I only read it because I HAVE to finish a book once I start it.

Annemarie yep this one angered me! my 16 yr old niece's reaction was the same. if it we're written 50 years ago my reaction would have possible been different.

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