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dancergirl by Carol M. Tanzman
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Nov 15, 2011

it was ok
bookshelves: contemporary, ya
Read in November, 2011

As a huge fan of dance, I admit that there is nothing I've wished for more than even a smidgeon of rhythm in my step so I could glide across a glossy stage like I'm having the time of my life, but alas, all I'm good for is carrying in the watermelons. In fact, I'm such a bad dancer that I'm not even allowed to sit in the corner; I have to stand in the back to gawk. Still, I love being an observer of the sport because dancers are amazing! I could watch them bust a move for hours. That said, I've learned that visual dance performances work much better for me than printed ones.

In the competitive world of dance, Ali is still looking for her big break. When she finally gets it, it's nothing like she imagined it would be. After videos of Ali dancing gain popularity on the web, she becomes known as "dancergirl." But not everybody is happy about Ali's newly found fame...and someone is intent on ending it.

dancergirl was a quick read that I had high hopes for, but, unfortunately, I didn't quite connect with the story.

Maybe it was the uses of 'urban' lingo, but I was unable to warm up to the main character, Ali, or her sidekick of friends. All of them seemed kind of shallow, and never really conveyed any hard hitting emotions, even when situations that called for such arose.

The mechanical and abrupt story structure in which dancergirl was told, certainly set the stage for the 'thriller' side of things, but it also confused me, along with the missing transitions and the use of technical dance terms.

Sure, a dim curiosity formed within me as Ali tried to figure out who her stalker was, but she also had a lot of TSTL moments that baffled me; like when she first suspected that she had a stalker because she saw someone yanking a camera away from her bedroom window, but decided not to tell her mom about it. I guess, I could kind of understand why she reacted that way though, after all, she did think she'd get in trouble with her absentee mother. But then later, she seemed to be more concerned about rumors that people were calling her strippergirl than the fact that a video of her dancing in her undies appeared online.

After that, nothing really happened for a while, other than Ali accusing everyone (best friend, computer geek, some other girl's boyfriend) around her of being her stalker. Naturally, her guesses were completely wrong every single time, but as she crossed potential perpetrators off her list, she grew more paranoid and anxious.

The final element that had me at odds with the story appeared as dancergirl headed towards its climax. That's when things got a bit too fantastical to be believable. In a fantasy novel or even a romance, I could have bought the idea of everything coming together so blatantly perfect more, but not so much in a contemporary.

Overall, not for me, but I'm sure others will enjoy this thrill ride immensely.
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message 3: by Wendy Darling (new)

Wendy Darling I have to confess, even the title sort of annoys me. Hah!

Missie Wendy Darling wrote: "I have to confess, even the title sort of annoys me. Hah!"

Yeah, I know. It's way too literal.... or something. LOL

Missie Audria wrote: "I LOVED Dirty Dancing - the movie, Missie! Thanks for the links to those videos...and don't worry, I'm also the type of girl better off carrying the watermelons!"

LOL! Glad I'm not the only one.

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