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The Cinderella Society by Kay Cassidy
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May 21, 2013

did not like it

This is the second worst book I've read in my life, falling just below A Song for Summer. Jess is a lonely outsider. Instead of dragging herself out of her emotional gutter, she is conveniently taken under the wing of the Cinderella Society, a group of cheerful, popular girls dedicated to spreading good and kindness throughout the world. The Cindys have special candle lighting ceremonies and a secret hideout in a trendy coffee shop complete with pink lockers and a supermodel to wait on them. But wait, there's more! The Cindys aren't an independent group of girls dedicated to spreading goodness throughout one high school, they're a nationwide organization dating back to the 1770's.
If this book were a movie, imagine one of Dove's 'Real Beauty' commercials with the Selena Gomez song Who Says playing in the background. Look, girls! You can be pretty! You can be happy! You can be popular! Yaaaaaay! There is a good message here, but it's shot at the reader with all the subtlety of a pink glitter cannon.
Jess is supposed to be a bully victim. I'm a real teenager. I go to a real high school with real people with real problems. I've seen the girls who curl up in the halls with their music instead of eating. I've seen the girls who hide cuts under wristbands.
My school has a suicide prevention club called Hope Squad. They. Save. Lives. The Cindys give makeovers. How is that supposed to help?
I know this is happy contemporary, not gritty contemporary, but I still didn't buy it.
I could believe fairy godmothers. I could believe pumpkin coaches. But the idea of an undercover society of cheesy, popular do-goodies stretches my imagination a little too far.

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