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The Dream Thief by Shana Abe
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Dec 02, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: dragon, fantasy-romance
Read from November 27 to December 02, 2011

** spoiler alert ** Imagine – a story set in the 18th century, enhanced by an outside observer (ends up to be Princess Maricara – drakon princess of Zaharen of the Carpathian mountains), and the dreams of a young woman drakon, and the emotionally distant thief, and then the actual action – all intertwined.
Princess Maricara gives us the history, and the drakon’s interpretation of the action…
The thief, Zane – Rue’s early protégé, successful thief, action not thinking is his way – and his actions (especially where Lia is concerned) are correct, gentle, gentlemanly, chivalrous.
And Lia, Lady Amalia Langford, daughter to Rue and Christoff – she has heard the call of the Drahmhr (drakon diamond of legend – stolen by a peasant, used to control the princess drakon until she killed him , and took the diamond into a miner’s cave) since her childhood, though no one else heard it – and in her teens she sees the possible future, and as she grows older, her dreams are filled with the love of Zane, who uses her ability to not only steal more effectively but to kill her family and kind off, one by one. In her dreams, his actions with her are loving and gentle and of love making – but he whatever he asks, she must do; and he asks the whereabouts of so he can execute his own plans. Lia does not tell her family of her unique talents – but she makes plans. She will find the Drahmhr and destroy it, or she will kill Zane before he hurts her family. Lia has not turned – though outside of her control parts of herself may turn to smoke.
When Lia is 19 years old, the Drahmrh’s song is reaching out of the Carpathian mountains to the Langfords in England. Rue and Christoff (alpha) decide to send Zane to locate it and bring it to them – offering him a lot of money, but not a lot of information as they don’t know much about its location.
Zane goes, and in Germany comes across a beautiful Lia – and they journey together – their interactions are well written – especially as the author contrasts them with Lia’s dreams – they are the same, and yet they are different… in spite of Zane keeping a physical distance, and Lia keeping an emotional distance, they grow closer – after the first real kiss they share, Lia spontaneously and joyfully turns to smoke. Hmmmm as they enter the wilderness of the Carpathian mountains, they sleep together to be warm, and once deserted by their carriage driver, they have sex together. But still Lia does not confide to him her heart – fearful of the power of the Drahmhr.
As they get close to the Drahmhr, she meets Mari – who is only 11 years old, yet the wife of Imre Zaharen – alpha of the Zaharen’s, but cannot turn, so forces marriage to mixed blood Maricara so as to breed with her when she is old enough. Mari warns her away from Drahmhr, but… they do not turn back.
Second night in the castle, after learning of the power of Drahmrh from Imre (who wants them to retrieve the diamond so that he can steal it from them), and wonderful love making where Lia tells Zane she loves him – she awakens to find that Zane has gone for the diamond. She follows, struggles with Zane over the stone – buried in a pond of water in a copper mining cave – and she changes to drakon (for the first time), and hurts Zane – but he has the diamond – she exits the cave – and Imre shoots Zane and claims the diamond. That evening, as Imre is lording it over Lia and Mari – he has control of their bodies – Zane limps in – and though Lia is ordered to kill him, she cannot (love over the power ahhh)… and when Imre orders Mari to ‘finish it’ – she stabs Imre (letter of the order, but…) – and then Zane (though tempted for a minute) works to destroy the diamond – heating it and stressing it until it splinters.
I liked this book.

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