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Crunchy Cons by Rod Dreher
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Nov 16, 2011

really liked it
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Read from November 14 to 16, 2011

So, unlike many of the other reviewers, I'm not a crunchy con. I'm what Mr. Dreher would call a liberal. But, I'd wager I'm not exactly a liberal either (perhaps I'm a chewy liberal?). Still, my objective in reading this book was to find common ground and I did find it. In fact, much as it might kill him to think so, Mr. Dreher's crunchy cons have much in common with the infamous "99%." Strictly speaking, they are the 99% too.

Sure, there were things he said in this book that made me cringe or probably went on a bit too long (Yes, arts and crafts bungalows are cozy and homey. Cozy homes make for a nice homelife. Got it. I, too, am fond of architecture and aesthetics. And, I'm not fond of McMansions. Yet, I'm not sure that makes all McMansions less good as homes. What about "home is where the heart is"?) Still, altogether it made me happy to see the similarities I hope existed and I like seeing someone who has many political views opposed to mine be able to see how he was close-minded on some issues (strictly in the name of conformity and party thinking) admit it and call himself out on it. And, not only did he call himself, he called out members of his own party. We're all guilty of this--anytime we adhere to "group-think." But, I wish I could see more members of the party I end up allying with most often do this too.

What was particularly interesting to me was to see what some "conservatives" are trying to conserve as opposed to others and the difference between "pre-Reagan conservatives" and "post-Reagan conservatives." If you're not partying with the GOPartiers, you might not know this distinction and why it's important; I didn't.

All in all, I was happily surprised to find that we American humans do have a lot in common--no matter our "party affiliation." I still do believe and hope that there's a chance we can speak to each other and work together and look past our labels and the areas we are artificially and distractingly put in opposition. Yet, if we realize how much we are alike and how many of us actually have the same goals, how much more could we accomplish _for the people_?
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