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Fool Moon by Jim Butcher
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Jun 02, 2008

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Read in July, 2008

'Fool Moon' is the third Harry Dresden book I've read.

I can't really decide if I want to like The Dresden Files more than I do, or if I want to not like them more than I do.

I like them page by page more than I like them book by book. While they make good page turners, there is still something which is on the net very unsatisfying about them.

The more I encounter Harry, the more annoying, whiney, and immature he seems. Despite seeming at times to be directly inspired by role playing games, the action of the story greatly suffers by the fact that the protagonist seems to have the power of plot. The whole book is one long Rocky movie, sans the training scenes. Harry is always completely tapped out, exhausted, beaten half to death, and always manages to dig up phenomenal cosmic power for one more big show down. He's then completely tapped out and exhausted again, only to repeat the performance as needed ad infinitum.

The action scenes are often stirring nonetheless, but they read often like the still panels from a comic boook. Harry's enemies are always described as supernaturally fast and strong, but always move in bursts of motion followed by long pauses to allow the hero to do his thing. It's a turn based world.

Anyway, maybe because I'm getting used to the author's style, 'Fool Moon' was the first book where I figured out ahead of time the 'twists' in the whodoneit part of the story. Since The Dresden Files are written in the gumshoe detective style, it is somewhat annoying to find yourself more on top of things than the protagonist. I always prefer in my detective fiction, that the protagonist is always smarter than I am and that even when I think that they don't know, it turns out later that they do.

In short, this was another fun little read but my interest in the series is definately waning.
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message 1: by Rio (new) - rated it 3 stars

Rio I have to agree with you about being quicker on the uptake than our fellow wizarding protagonist. He just seems dumb half the time and it's starting to grate me. I hope that the next books in the series are better.

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