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Edge of Shadows by Cege Smith
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Nov 13, 2011

really liked it
Read in November, 2011

I liked this story a lot. It's supernatural but not so far outside the box that it's absurd. It has some creepy moments and lots of suspense. There is romance, but it's not gushy or graphic. The ending left me wanting more!

I am intelligent. I graduated both high school and college early and I taught myself to read before I even started preschool. However, there are a lot of stories out there (Christopher Paolini's recent books come to mind) where I am using the dictionary button on my e-reader once or twice per chapter and mostly on things that are simply synonyms. You know, the type of situation where the author just wants to use big words for the heck of it? I appreciate that Ms. Smith did not put me through this!


Things I loved-

I love how descriptive the characters are. I can picture them all in my head. Same with most of the scenery.

I LOVE the ending. I really hope there is a sequel but if there isn't this is a great creepy ending that will really keep you wondering.

I really love the supernatural bits about the house, especially about time moving differently and how that affects the characters. The author managed to make this book supernatural but the explanations for these abnormal occurrences aren't so far out of the box that they can't occur in real life. To me, that is the best type of story to read, no matter what the genre happens to be.

There were only a few things that left me confused.

First, at the end, Ellie makes a deal with The Third. I get the impression that The Third is the devil but I feel like I missed something such as why the name The Third. If I did skip over this in the story, many apologies!

Second, at the end, Ellie remembers Jake covering all the windows with black paper, burning herbs, and making an alter to her shortly before she moves out. Did Jake have powers that made Ellie forget this??? This is kind of crazy and Ellie seems so level-headed that I can't believe she didn't run out of the house right then. He "woke" Linda and Randall from what I can tell, but was his goal to prevent Ellie from eventually leaving him?

In fact, Ellie keeps remember creepy bits and pieces from Jake such as something with blood red eyes watching her as he chants. I think at that point she does mention him making her forget but I would have liked for Jake's abilities to be more developed because supernatural powers are not a given in this world, they are the exception, but I feel like I was having to take Jake's oddities for granted.

Third, Ellie can see auras and Jake can somewhat communicate with ghosts and they were married for eight years and this never came up? The fact that they have abnormal abilities doesn't bother me but what are the odds of two powers ending up together, let alone keeping each other in the dark?

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Sarah This is the first book in a trilogy, both the 2nd and 3rd books are out now. I haven‘t read the 3rd one yet but I have read the 2nd one and it clears up some of the stuff you were confused about!

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