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The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa
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Okay, so I finally remembered what this book reminded me of and I can't believe it took me this long to figure it out seeing as I have a gigantic wall scroll of this anime right above my bed. Yes, this book reminded me of Blood+, with an Asian, conflicted, katana-wielding girl that hunts down blood-drinking, flesh-eating, mindless monsters that are a mutation of the vampire condition alongside a quiet, mysterious and sexy guy. Sounds familiar now? But the similarities are just superficial and I am not implying that this book is a ripoff of the anime because it is not. Aside from that, they barely have anything in common. But still, I've been scratching my head for days now, trying to remember and this is sort of my eureka moment.

Moving on, why the 3.5?

I absolutely loved the first half of the book, but it died down for me after that. I was ready to give this book 5 glowing, lovely stars until Allison encountered this group that is led by a religious man and has the obligatory super hot guy and the jealous girl who loves the guy and immediately hates the protagonist for no reason. It dragged a bit after that, some plot holes surfaced and the ending was completely unexciting. I couldn't bring myself to care about anyone in that group, and though there was a lot of potential for character development, none of them ever really broke out of their designed role as just another person that would bring into conflict Allison's humanity. Actually, there wasn't much character development anywhere. Even when the protagonists come to terms with their realities, I never really bought it.

There were a lot of side plots that could've led somewhere, but the main plot remains static and everyone knew what was going to happen. I never really felt the threat of the bad guy and Allison's attitude annoyed me sometimes, despite my respect for the badassery of this girl. It bothered me as well that Kagawa resorted to the same plot devices again and again, from the constant interruption of just one character, to the stupidity of another, to the tug-of-war between Allison's vampire nature and her humanity that, time after time, read the exact same way.

I liked the book. It was entertaining and it does bring a new, interesting edge to the vampire genre. But, after seeing so many amazing reviews, I am very underwhelmed by it.
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Rayne I'm actually liking it. I'm not as wowed as I thought I'd be, but I'm entertained. Haven't been able to finish it because of finals and I probably won't be able to finish it until next week, but I'm looking forward to it.

I'm really glad you liked it so much!

Rayne Hmmmm. No, not really XD At least for me, it's not going like The Reapers are the Angels but there is a book that it reminds me off but right now I can't remember which. But wow, that's a really big one you compared it with. No wonder you loved it!

Sigh....Yo empiezo finales hoy -_- And right off the bat, a British Lit final with all the material of the semester. I really, really, really want to be done so I can have time to read the gigantic pile of books that's been waiting for me for months. I'm itching like an addict on withdrawal to read something, anything XD


Rayne I'm doing a double major in Psychology and Literature. Don't ask me what I plan to do with either of those degrees XD
What's your major? And I've been meaning to ask you, if you don't mind, eres latina?

I hope! My last final can't come soon enough. I swear, it's been quite a while since I've craved reading like this. I mean, I always want to read, but right now I want to devour book after book. I think I'm just freaking out because my physical and ebook piles just keep growing and growing and I feel like I'm not even denting the quantity XD

Rayne Almost everyone in my family that's in college is also studying accounting! But if that's what it takes to keep numbers away from me, then let the whole world be accountants XD

¿Tu me estas diciendo que he estado hablando todo este tiempo con una compatriota y ni siquiera lo sabia? -_- Mala comunicacion lol ¿De que parte de Puerto Rico eres?

Rayne Not that bad? Girl I've seen my sister's spreadsheets and exams and homework. Let's just say I treat it like it has the plague. So, my respect to you for actually liking and dealing with all that.

.....¿O sea que una de las personas con las que mas hablo de libros y con quien mas gustos tengo en comun vivia a 15 freaking minutos de mi? No se reir o llorar XD Yo soy de Añasco, un boco mas abajito de Isabela :D

Rayne I will confess I also kind of wanted Kannin to be the love interest. He was a lot more interesting that Zeke and, despite being so mysterious, I thought he was a lot more complex than the whole lot of Zeke's annoying, useless group put together, including Zeke himself. Kannin's allure surpassed Zeke's by a lot and I actually though Allie had more chemistry with Kannin than with Zeke. But well. She had to fall for the one that hated vampires. If she liked someone who did like them or who was, in fact, a vampire, the whole 'drama' of the novel would've been lost...and perhaps that would've been better. I thought the second half of the novel dragged unnecessarily and the "romance" wasn't enough to keep it interesting for me. If there had been some group dynamic, some discord that didn't include a petty, jealous girl, or something, anything really, that made worthwhile investing more than 200 pages on this little group, then I would've been satisfied and this one would've been a favorite. But no. I would've removed the whole second half, but that's just me.

Uhhhh....Blood+. One of my favorites. I've vowed to love Hagi eternally. Really, really loved that one, even if it was like 55% filler episodes XD

message 7: by Beth (the one who is) (last edited Jul 03, 2012 05:29AM) (new) - added it

Beth   (the one who is) Rayne wrote: "Hmmmm. No, not really XD At least for me, it's not going like The Reapers are the Angels but there is a book that it reminds me off but right now I can't remember which. But wow, that's a really bi..."

I haven't read this book yet, but a lot of people have said its lkike Angel Fall Angelfall (Penryn & the End of Days, #1) by Susan Ee It was fabulous read and highly recommend it.

Rayne Beth (the one who is) wrote: "Rayne wrote: "Hmmmm. No, not really XD At least for me, it's not going like The Reapers are the Angels but there is a book that it reminds me off but right now I can't remember which. But wow, that..."

Hey Beth. I loved Angelfall too! And now that you mention it, The Immortal Rules does have a little bit of the atmosphere that made Angelfall so great, but I don't believe it matches it. This book is good, but I'd take Angelfall over it a million times.

Barakiel This is a fair review. Completely agree about the character development.

Rayne Barakiel wrote: "This is a fair review. Completely agree about the character development."

Thank you Barakiel!

It was a real shame because the novel as a whole was good, but I just had a really difficult time connecting with these characters. They always felt fake and one-dimensional to me. Most likely the reason why I never bothered to finish the series.

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