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Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson
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Feb 26, 12

it was ok
Read from November 12 to 13, 2011

Walter Isaacson is without a doubt everyone's favorite cherubic imp if only for his mastery of plural form of cherub, cherubim. Felt, at times, that I was reading words from a kindly yet still sharp aging European fairy tale writer. Isaacson, with an impish glance askew, picks out characteristics in people the way your grandfather might: either enveloping them in a warm but fair embrace, bringing them within inches of cherubic face while still rapping them gently for relinquished responsibilities/inconsiderate interactions or casting them as unworthy of approaching his treasured cadre of technolog/artists. As bracing as Jobs' life can be when transcribed competently, I couldn't help but think, with an impish glint in my eye, that if Jobs really wanted to make a dent in the universe, he'd pick somebody who didn't require a correction on the physics of Angry Birds in the NYT. Here's a wish list of non cherubim: David Carr, Malcolm Gladwell, Steven Levy, Jon Gruber (unsure if he'd be able to stand up to Jobs and poke and prod the way testy anecdote adoring WI does though), Colson Whitehead, Carles or Joshua Topolsky. Whatever Jobs might've claimed to have wished, he really wanted a mythologizer and no generation can be as endlessly, resolutely, almost ignorantly mythos making as the baby boomers. So it was not without a cherubic smile that Jobs sought out this able sous chef to take what can be said about his life and massage it for the palette of the generation which keeps the Allman brothers relevant and nods approvingly when Jobs claims that John Mayer is one of the greatest guitarists ever.

In short, a single Apple University course may have been as interesting to the aspiring technologist. A scouring of the Gizmodo archives and choice excerpts from this book will do for the gossip hound.

For the books-a-million browser who asks only that things be explained to him or her on a ok-I-see-where-he's-going-with-that level and cannot distinguish an obvious insight from profundity (Gruber posted that Apple itself was Jobs' greatest creation half a year ago), then feel free to learn trivialities and good clichés about the cherubim and imps who changed the world.

I'm still willing to give Saint Steve the benefit of the doubt and believe that as someone with impeccable aesthetic judgement, he wanted to see how someone with less taste than Charlie Rose and a bit more technological intuition than Larry King, would perceive him, never mind that Isaacson is always a level below and a step behind, watching the throne and on occasion, throwing stones and the king but never quite figuring out that you have to be a really deep guy to know the simple, right thing to say.

That being said. A must read for the gustatory explications alone.

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message 6: by Nicholson (new) - added it

Nicholson i have no idea what you are saying...

message 5: by Drew (new) - added it

Drew C Lol. Take that, Isaacson!

Scott Hicks Good god man. You love the shit out of yourself.

David Conine Cherubic, cherubim, imp, impish, enough already, your boring as sh__ and a complete fraud.

Edith F.Quezada What?

message 1: by Pavan (new)

Pavan Mr. Vaman(Apologies for addressing my gesture using your first name as in your surname isn't sited on this page),

I'd just wish to say, If you've written this review solely you'd surely stand(perhaps, be standing) in a great place somewhere. Impressed with your writing skills. Keep up n Keep going bro.

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