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The Lemon Tree by Sandy Tolan
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Nov 13, 2011

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The lemon tree was a very good book. It explained the difficulties of living in Palestine and Israel in 1967 through 2005 including the time during the the six day war when Israel took independence from Palestine. It follows a guy named Bashir from the former Palestine who was driven from his and his families home nineteen years earlier. Then to come back and find out that his home was taken over by Israel and that is had new inhabitants to it. Then him and his cousins took a semi-dangerous trip I guess back to their homes. Bashir found that his house was inhabited by an Israeli woman named Dalia. Dalia was a nineteen year old Israeli college student when Bashir met her. Her family fled Europe to Israel following the Holocaust. Bashir and Dali continued to live in the same house together. It was an old house that had a lemon tree behind it. Even from the most unlikely events they actually became friends. Then they tried to keep together despite the war going on with Palestine and Israel fighting and killing the other. They kept their friendship together over then next thirty seven years. But as the years went on and their friends and family were killed in bombings and assassinations. Their friendship between them became strained as they grew more apart because of their beliefs on how the two countries could find a solution. They both started wanting their own country to have more control on the land than the other. Like Bashir wanted to go back to the original borders where there was no Israel and they were all together but Dalia wanted the new borders where Israel had most of the land. So as their friendship became more strained they grew more apart. Then there was also a wall built around Palestine cutting off the way besides checkpoints to get through. So Dalia continued to live in the lemon tree house the lemon tree died and she wanted the Khairi’s to come back to their old home and plant a new lemon tree they never did. So the kids that lived there went and plant a new one and it made Dalia happy because to her this was a sign of a new hope for a better brighter future for the kids.

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