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Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick
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Oct 02, 2012

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Hrm. Well th sketches are...odd.

It actually makes the characters even more boring to me when I had figured the oposite. I thought Nora had dark hair! Lmao.

Also is anyone else really curious exactly how fat Vee is going to be? The book makes it a constant thing but they're always euphemizing it, so now I confess myself interested even though the book should have just done the physical description and left it at that, I don't see why "Vee is chubby" has to be a constant point of characterization unless..

Oh! Unless you don't know how else to characterize someone! Of course. I'm a little overweight and I can promise it does not define my life or my character.

Anywho! I'll probably glance through this but since the series lost me halfway through Silence I'm only minorly curious how the author pictured the characters.

Speaking of which, I have no problem with novels having graphic novels, I think it's a neat way to revive two mediums that have been losing momentum over the past few years. But I DO think we should just drop the pretence on these ones and instead of selling them as stories just sell them as sketchbooks of an artist's rendering of the author's ideas of how the characters appeared. That's all we're really looking for right?

I honestly would rather enjoy picking up some picture books of exactly that (for books I DO like though), it wouldn't take away from my own image since I'm good with those, 8 Harry Potter movies later and I still see Ron with a long, pointed nose while I'm reading. So why not make that the next step? Get more milage out of your characters and draw your audience closer to your vision. Best of all, it's optional.
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message 1: by Jana (new) - added it

Jana Nora IS supposed to have dark hair lol I don't get why they made her blonde in the graphic novels :/

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