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Raven Cursed by Faith Hunter
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Nov 12, 2011

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Read in December, 2013

** spoiler alert ** this was good! the beginning was a little too detail-y for me and i had to skim thru it but overall good book

Jane is good. Ricky and her still have a thing but he might be traveling for his new possible job with PsyLed. Bruiser's still out of the picture really. leo is out of the picture for now. Jane may stay at her job for leo's security and she may not, we don't know but her job for now is completed. she protected gregoire and even though they had a little "thing" between them when he healed her and licked all up and down her body, i don't think that counts as anything since she was mostly unconscious. jane accidentally called herself the enforcer and now she can't drink any vamps blood for the next 2 months or otherwise she'll belong to that vamp. jane killed evil evangeline, the witch that used a ravenmocker demon, kalona with the blood diamond she stole from jane. She was trying to kill leo and she blamed him for her daughter dying. jane got blood diamond back and banished kalona with her guardian angel who baby angie can see, so that's cool. molly and evan are not talking to jane since jane had to kill evangeline and that's mollys sis but hopefully they'll get over it since she was so evil and jane was only doing the right thing. good book. excited for the next!
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Teresa B. but jane and Bruiser were under a spell from the witch. Ricky wasn't

Tokies True Jane and bruiser was but he was making shots at her for a long time. im about sick of ricky he's annoying . because you cant tell were his loyalties lie. you cant tell anything about him. he gives nothing of himself no information and he pouts. cant stand him. ur right on the dot tho ricky does have some
"splaining" (with cuban accent) to do

Teresa B. I don't like Ricky either

Tokies Teresa wrote: "I don't like Ricky either"
yep about sick of his stupid ass. didn't like him in the first book, second or third. he never got better. and i have a sick feeling that he's making a "file" of jane's secrets.

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