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Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life by Wendy Mass
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Jun 01, 2008

it was amazing

This story is about a boy named Jeremy Fink who got a gift for his 13th birthday. On this box it said "The meaning of life" and it had a lock on it. He got this girft 1 month before his birthday though and it was from his father who died 5 years ago. There was also a letter that came with this gift and it was from a lawyer. The lawyer was to give to Jermery for his 13th birthday but the key got lost and there was no replacement. Jeremy was the type of boy who didn't leave New York City but his neighbor Lizzie told him to go on a serach for the keys. They both look for the keys fast because they want to have them before his 13th birthday.
This becomes a huge adverture for the two of them and they learn many lessons along the way.

I thought this book was amazing. I love the way both of them were not so fortunate but worked together so everything would work out. This book really grabbed me and I left like I was in the story. I kept wondering what could of been in this box and I liked how both characters went through an adventure to find out.

I would recommend this book to everyone. It's really good and i think a lot of people would like it.
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Morgan i completely agree! This is one of my favorite books!

message 2: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Do you ever find out what's in the box??

message 3: by Anjali (new) - added it

Anjali N u spelled gift wrong... lol. u spelled it girft! :P

Olivia I used this summary to show my class how to do a good book review! Good job, along with a few grammar issues, it is very good and has all the things you need in a book review.

희라 김 I definitely agree with you! I really like this book, especially the story. The subject of this book is unique. The story is that they tried to find keys to open the wooden box given by Jeremy’s father. It was unusual to me so it was attractive. And as you said, the story is they did try to find the keys, not just waited for the keys, so I also like that part:)

message 6: by Kim (last edited Nov 13, 2016 02:12AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kim Yu I completely agree with your review. In this book, they set off on an adventure to find out the right keys for the mysterious box. And during the adventure, they learned really valuable and meaningful things from it. I also want to recommend this book to someone who doesn't find the meaning of life yet. I bet if they read it, they'll certainly find their own meaning of life.

송준기 I agree with you I also really like this book. It is very impressive to find the key. When I was reading this books. I thought about my meaning of life. It is happiness. I also wonder your meaning of life:)

Minji Chung Your review made me to think about the fact that Jeremy was not the only one who figured out the meaning of life. I totally agree with you that Lizzy is another main carácter who learned lots of things just like Jeremy. It is true that they were not with fortune all the time, but they did their best to complete the journey. As I read this book, I was impressed by their attitude and relationship as well as the answer of meaning of life. I also want to recommend this book to the people who is still finding their own meaning of life.

Doohyun Hwang I totally agree with you. I could find real meaning of friend in this book. Jeremy and Lizzy showed me real friendship and how should we deal with some problems. I could learn a lot of things in this book and it came to me as a very interesting book that will last in my mind forever and ever.

Seoyoon Kang I agree to your idea that Jeremy and Lizzy made a great success in their adventure. Like you I also thought about the friendship the best friends had. However, I tend to focus on the meaning of life rather than the friendship. I was amazed that Jeremy changed a lot by learning his father's meaning of life. In fact, I started to find my own meaning of life while reading this book. I also recommend you to think about your own meaning of life!

Hye Min Kim I agree with your feeling about this book. I could find my meaning of life about importance of setting purpose of life while living in my own life , love of family and companionship with people in this book. I also presented about my meaning of life after reading this book in front of my classmates. Do you know? Jeremy fink and the meaning of life has its movie,too. Maybe you can download it and watch it more realistically. And I think the letter from Jeremy's father was the most touching sector in this book. In the letter, there is one sentence I like the most, which is "Life gives meaning to life." Like this, I think we can find our meaning of life, living in our life naturally. So, we don't have to struggle to find our meaning of life quickly, I think. And I thought I would give small challenge to my children to help them to find their meaning of life earlier than me and to set their life more systemically.

Ryusohee I'm totally feeling the same way!! I really liked how both characters, Jeremy and Lizzy, went through this huge adventure together. I also liked the process that they went through just to find the right keys for the locked box. If I were Jeremy, I would be so curious about what in the world is inside the box! Additionally, I've never thought that I would think about my true meaning of life just like the title, but I actually did! I hope readers who are planning to read this book could find out their true meaning of life just as I did while reading this book;)

김미정 I also think that this book is amazing!!!!!! I think each process to find the keys is a chance for Jeremy and Lizzy to grow themselves. For instance, they could develope their problem solving abilities during this adventure so they could face some problems without any adults' help that they meet while they find four keys. When I read this book, there were no parts that Jeremy felt sad because of his father's death so I thought that Jeremy simply overcame his father's death, but when I read p.82(It is also the part that I love the most of this book), I could realize that Jeremy is a child same with us. I want to recommend this book who doesn't find their meaning of life yet and I hope that they could feel same with me..!

Soyeon Seol I think this book is the meaningful and as you said, it is very amazing. Jeremy and Lizzy tried to do many things together for opening the box. And they went through a long and enormous adventure like this. In this part, I felt how deep their friendship is. And I had wondered what is in the box and why his dad locked it and what he wanted Jeremy to do. There are many rocks which had meanings or memories. After finishing it, I wanted to record everything I experienced for keeping in mind or other reasons. Then I thought the meaning of my life and what I want to do. I still don’t know that. So I plan to try for finding it. I believe we would find that someday. I want to recommend it to people who have any difficulties with their lives and hope to find the meaning of their lives getting healing:) The book is touching for me.

Yoo-Jin Lee I agree with you!! Reading this book, I was really curious about what would be in the box. Also, I could think about my own meaning of life. As Jeremy and Lizzy, I could grow more, too!

Jeong Bin Park I'm very impressed with this book like you! This book made me think about various things like not only my own meaning of life but also friendship. Also, the story of book is so interesting to me because it includes lots of episode which Jeremy and Lizzy find four keys to unlock the box and shows lots of meaning of lives of different people. By reading this book, I tried to find out my meaning of life and think deeply about that and when finishing this book, I found out my own. So I'm sure it is a good book to the people who don't have own meaning of life!

message 17: by Sun (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sun Kyoung Mo I agree with you and I also think that this book is so amazing!!! Lizzy and Jeremy set off to find the right key for the box and during the process, they learn a lot of things and becomes more mature than before. I guess the process made them to think about the meaning of life. I also liked the part where Lizzy and Jeremy comforted each other when they had hard times and worked out together.
And like Jeremy and Lizzy, I found a way to find the meaning of life, and I'm trying really hard. It's kind of confusing and hard but I think I have more to get by finding the meaning of my life. Anyway, I hope that a lot of people read this and find their own meaning of life. :) It's a really great book!!

Chaeyeon Yoo Hello. I really liked your review and I was also impressed by this book so much. For the first, while Jeremy founds his keys to the box, I could think about my meaning of life too. When Jeremy got the key and found the letter of his father, I was moved a lot. I really liked this sentence in the letter from his father, “Life gives meaning to life.” By this sentence I could find my meaning of life is the life itself. Second, I really liked the story and a big twist about Jeremy’s birthday. Also, the adventure that Jeremy went through was worthy and I was glad to see Jeremy and Lizzy growing up. I was relieved to see Jeremy having a great 13th birthday and finding a secret. When Jeremy went back to Mr. Oswald, I was shocked to hear the secret too. I would like to recommend this book to everyone as you said so that the readers could think of their own meaning of life and deal with their day with pleasure.
Thank you for sharing your great review and I really liked it :)

Haneul Lee Hello! Your review is neat to comprehend. I was also impressed by this book, so I wrote a review for this book too. Anyway, I extremely agree with you. I had a similar situation with Jeremy that I was wandering about my meaning of life. So I could feel empathy with Jeremy so much, like I was in the story. It's interesting that you had some similar opinions with me. I like your point that they worked together so everything would work out. Thank you for great review. :>

예담 이 Hi, I can't help but leave a comment because your review is easy to understand. Firstly, I agree with you. This book grabbed me and after I finishing this book, I felt amazing. Like you, while reading this book, I was wondering if he could open the box and how to open the box. It was a adventure. Through their unfortunate adventure, I could get many impressions and thoughts like you. I wish you could find your meaning of life and thank you for sharing.

Hyowon Lee Hello! I read this book, and I really like this book like you. At first, I really touched of this story when Jeremy found the four keys and read the father's letter.
Also, actually, while reading this book, I found my own meaning of life. My meaning of life is 'sense of achievement' I really appreciate to this book because compare to the past (before I read this book), I changed a lot, so I grew up like Jeremy. So I like this story and I hope you'll find your own meaning of life!

Jojisoo I really like this book too! Specially the last part of the book, there was a Jeremy father’s gift for him and letter. I was very impressed when I read Jeremy father’s letter. I’m really sorry that his father couldn’t attend to Jeremy’s 13th birth day party. But I think that it’s the most touching gift that I’ve ever saw.

When I first heard that Jeremy take the adventure to find the meaning of the life, I was curious that why it is that important to find the meaning of the life. But now, I recognized that’s important. During the adventure, Jeremy got a lot of enlightenment. So, find the meaning of the life is really important in life.

지우 송 I love this book, too. Actually, I didn’t understand how can people do something for strangers. But it is a really great factor that made Jeremy start to find his meaning of life. When I read the ending of the book I really impressed by his father’s letter. His father knew well about his son and prepared affordable gift. Actually I’ve never thought about father’s love, but this book was reminding me about that.

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