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Yellow Ribbons by Caitlyn Willows
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Nov 12, 2011

it was amazing
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Read on November 12, 2011

Yellow Ribbons has it all...suspense, murder, forbidden love and smoking hot sex...5 Big Stars!

I love it when a little tease of a book compels me to check out said book further. Loose ID sends out emails about their latest releases and Yellow Ribbons by Caitlyn Willows really caught my eye. I could not stop thinking about this book after I read that teaser. It was that good...now that’s good marketing.

I went to Amazon and downloaded the sample of Yellow Ribbons only because Caitlyn Willows is a new to me author and $6.99 was a little more than I was willing to part with for an unknown quantity. The sample was a bit more intensive than the sample offered by Loose ID and seriously if you can read either the excerpt or the downloaded sample of this book and NOT purchase it, then kudos to you. The beginning of this book is tantalizing, titillating and totally hot! Yowzer!

I must say after finishing Yellow Ribbons...in one day no less, it was a well spent $6.99!

I was totally intrigued by the relationship between Master Gunnery Sergeant “Master Guns”(hee hee) Greg Landess and his Captain Elaine Hollister. She’s his supervisor, he’s her subordinate. They are in the military where fraternization between an officer and enlisted personnel is a big no-no. And yet they are in a relationship and behind closed doors their roles are totally reversed. Ohhhhh my! After the way this book started I was thinking Yellow Ribbons was going to be all about the smexy action (he isn’t called Master Guns for nothing!) behind closed doors. Boy was I wrong since although that aspect of Greg and Lani’s relationship is key - it does not play the major role in this story.

In addition to the tricky relationship issues for Greg and Lani, Yellow Ribbons was an excellent suspense, murder/suicide story including cover-up’s and conspiracy. The focus of military personal fraternization brings Greg and Lani right smack dab into the middle of the investigation. Now they are tasked to enforce the very rule they themselves are breaking and the Commanding General is out for blood and wants names, rank and serial numbers of personnel who are breaking the rules...Yikes!

For me Lani and Greg’s relationship, the secrecy they had to maintain, Greg getting jealous watching other men ogle Lani and knowing there was nothing he could do about it without jeopardizing both their careers and then the dynamic of their relationship in their private lives had me glued to the pages. The fear of discovery and being court marshalled, losing everything they’d ever worked for...had me on tender hooks right along with both Lani and Greg. But seeing them together, their love for each other and their willingness to sacrifice their own career to save the other...these two were so meant to be together. Fraternization rules be damned! And every time they do come together - it was absolutely scorching, smoking hot!

My only complaint...I am sad that I finished it in one day...it was that good!
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48.0% "Just started this book today and it's sooooo good. I couldn't stop thinking about this book after I read a teaser. She's his commanding officer, but behind closed doors she relinquishes control. Then there's the added suspense and threat of their relationship being discovered. Add in murder and betrayal and it all adds up to...excellent!"

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Baba  ♥♥♥ Tyler, Marcus, Archer, Dean, Adrian, Dan & Hunter Judi, I just added it to my Mount Pile. But it won't stay there for a long time. Will read it quite soon! Sounds really good! I'm sold!

Baba  ♥♥♥ Tyler, Marcus, Archer, Dean, Adrian, Dan & Hunter Ok, I downloaded it and I'm going to start it right now! LOL Wow, this was a very quick decision. Judi, what else have you hidden in your treasure box??

Judi It was soooo good. The whole dynamic of their relationship really intrigued me and the threat of being exposed and their entire military careers on the line and then the role reversal behind closed doors. I think once you read the 1st chapter you will be hooked.

Baba  ♥♥♥ Tyler, Marcus, Archer, Dean, Adrian, Dan & Hunter Judi wrote: "It was soooo good. The whole dynamic of their relationship really intrigued me and the threat of being exposed and their entire military careers on the line and then the role reversal behind closed..."

Ok, will let you know...

message 5: by Nikki (new) - added it

Nikki Judi if you gave this 5 stars then I will most likely LOVE IT (considering we are so compatible). Look forward to reading.

Judi I hope you decide to give it a try and let me know what you think! I'm still thinking about it now. LOL!

message 7: by Nikki (new) - added it

Nikki omg Judi your review makes me want to read this book RIGHT NOW.

message 8: by Jill (new)

Jill Judi, are you sure you aren't Caitlyn Willows?! Because I've just downloaded the sample after reading your glowing review. And they don't call me vanilla for nothing.

Great review Judi. I'll see if I can resist the lure of this after reading the sample.

Baba  ♥♥♥ Tyler, Marcus, Archer, Dean, Adrian, Dan & Hunter Great review, Judi!

@Nikki and Jill: Yes, this book is really good. I'm only 25 % done with Yellow Ribbons but I like it. Very much so. It's only too bad that I have not enough reading time right now... :(

Baba  ♥♥♥ Tyler, Marcus, Archer, Dean, Adrian, Dan & Hunter Judi my dear, hope you enjoyed Federer's victory!? :)) I can't watch this guy play tennis because I am too nervous...I know, shame on me! Ok, I've finished Yellow Ribbons and I liked it a lot! Posted my review. If you find another hot or interesting read then I'd appreciate it if you could send me a rec. Thanks!

message 11: by Judi (new) - rated it 5 stars

Judi Jill: I love pimping the books that really grab me and don't let the BDSM theme put you off - it is not bad at all.

Baba: You finished it in record time, but then I'm not surprised. Three books I read earlier this year that I loved are old books by Joyce Lamb that were released in e-book for .99 at Amazon. Found Wanting was amazing and the other 2 which are really good as well are Caught in the Act and Relative Strangers. If you want to try this author then for sure read Found Wanting!

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