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Dark Curse by Christine Feehan
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Sep 11, 2008

it was amazing
bookshelves: kindle, paranormal-romance
Recommended for: Carpathian Fans
Read in September, 2008

First off, I LOVE The Carpathians! I know that these guys are almost always overbearing, controlling and bossy... but I still think they are sooooo sexy! Yum! This story about Nicholas and Lara is no exception.

Lara is part mage/dragonseeker/carpathian and as a child is kept captive by her evil grandfather Xavier and her "evil" father Razvan. These two baddies have made an appearance in quite a few (if not all, I dont remember) of the Dark books. They use Lara for her blood as often as possible and they torture and abuse her as they see fit. Only her Aunts, the two Dragonseekers that are kept in the form of Dragons all the time, speak to her in her mind and keep her safe. They are the ones who sacrifice themselves in order for Lara to escape.

Fast forward 20 years and Lara is a Caver. She explores caves for scientific research and she remembers only some of her horrible childhood in the ice caves with Xavier. When she and two of her colleagues are exploring a very creepy cave in the Carpathian Mountains, a freaky creature attacks them and her friend gets injured. She uses a little magic to get away and they head into town to the Inn that Slavica owns. She is a friend to the Carpathians. Lara feels her dragon mark glow and she fears a vampire must be close by... however, up walks Nicholas. He is so shocked, he utters the bonding words and bites Lara! She knows who and what he is and now she knows they are bonded, but she freaks out when he bites her! She is terrified of other people taking her blood.

Nicholas and Lara have to learn to work with each other because neither of them is used to that. They have a ton of adversity to overcome, Lara wants to see if she can save her Aunts (the dragons), Nicholas wants to keep her safe, and Lara thinks she might be able to help with all the miscarriages the Carpathian woman keep having. They ultimately have to learn what all lifemates have to learn. To love and trust.

I just thought this book was hot hot hot!! Nicholas and Lara are so great together... the sex was amazing and I love the inner dialogue between the two of them. Plus, the plot was really good in this one. I was just as interested about what was going to happen to the aunts and the pregnant woman as I was about Nicholas and Lara's love story. There is just something about these Carpathian men. I wish I had one for myself. ;)

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Gypsie Holley Again I am jealous that you have read it. I went to buy it and didn't want to spend the $25. I will wait for it to go down in price. I am so excited now that I have read your review. I can't wait!

message 2: by Mahlet (new)

Mahlet ay! Another series to check out...great review! and they're on book 19?! Looks like book 1 won a TON of awards, so I added it. How does this series progress? Would I be lost or confused if I pick & choose only the most favorably reviewed books in this series? or would you say most books are true stand alones?

Heather Mahlet- Read Dark Prince first... its the first book. You will want to read them in order, and they are ALL awesome! I wish I hadnt read any of them so I could start from the beginning all over again. I have re-read many of them lots of times, and I love them every time! Im so excited for you to start! ;D

Gypsie- If you had a kindle this book would be A LOT cheaper ;) Its worth the money though... especially if you've read the others! ;D


message 4: by Mahlet (new)

Mahlet re-reads? oh goody! that's all you had to say! :)

Heather LOL! You're an easy sell ;D Seriously though, read Dark Prince and report back asap!! ;)


message 6: by Mahlet (new)

Mahlet ay ay captain'

I'll definitely check it out :)

Gypsie Holley I have the entire series...read everyone. Really looking forward to this one. She has been by far my favorite series author. Until recently. I just incredibly love the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning. So maybe that actually makes them equal. Vampire to Faery.

Heather I have only read the first in the Fever series... I really enjoyed the first one and I was waiting for the second to come out for the kindle! I really enjoyed it too! ;)


Collette I LOVE this series!!! I traded them, per usual, but I might have to work at getting them back again for my keeper shelf. I would re-read them in a heartbeat.

I love all of Monings books too.

Heather Collette- you will LOVE this one! ;) All of them are good, but this one is really good ;)


Collette I don't want to hear that you know as it will be quite sometime before I get it. lol You are just mean sometimes. :p

Heather LOL! Im not mean! ;D Did you start Heaven Sent yet? Im excited for you to read that one! Oh- over at the purvettes there is a "meet and greet" category... check it out! ;)


Collette No, I was tired last night and still wasn't able to finish my Australia book. I'm hoping for today. lol

Heather Maybe that Australia book isn't "exciting" enough for you ;)


Collette I never said it was exciting! I said it was very funny. lol Yeah, I'm having some erotic withdrawls, that is for sure. I'm just pigheaded at the same time and am going to finish this book.

Heather Alright alright ;D Just hurry up will ya?? lol!


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