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Lime Street Blues by Maureen Lee
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Lime Street Blues opens in 1939 when we meet 15-year-old Rose, orphan and maid to them up at the big ‘ouse. We get to know her and, later, her family as they’re growing up. By the 60s, we’re thrown very much into the world of music, the Cavern in Liverpool and everything.

There is a huge difference between the three main families involved in the story but they’re all linked by music. Odd friendships and alliances are formed, with the guys getting their rock n roll band together and the girls outshining them with their own girl group. However, this is more than a novel about the music scene; it’s as much to do with love, or the lack of.

Lime Street Blues is a long and involved tale covering several decades; we get to know many intriguing characters and see how they change with success – and failure. Rose, who played such a large role in the first part of the story, fades into the background, which I thought a great shame, and her daughter, Jeannie, takes over as leading lady, with some of the people I grew most fond of being killed off along the way!

All in all, an enjoyable read.

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