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Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell
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Introduction to the readalong

Part 1, "The Pacific Journal of Adam Ewing" (first half): Cannibals and colonialism, oh my!

Part 2, "Letters from Zedelghem" (first half): The rakish, bisexual (or just opportunistic?), musically gifted and financially strapped Robert Frobisher writes his story in letters.

Part 3, "Half-lives: The First Luisa Rey Mystery" (first half): After a chance encounter with an aging scientist, plucky journalist Luisa Rey is on the scent of scandal and cover-up at a nuclear power plant in 1970s California.

Part 4, "The Ghastly Ordeal of Timothy Cavendish" (first half): A sixtysomething vanity publisher writes his memoirs: gangsters, skyrocketing fame, bad trains, and a hotel that is not a hotel at all...

Part 5, "An Orison of Sonmi~451" (first half): A cloned human's final interview before her execution in a future corpocracy that was once Korea.

Part 6, "Sloosha's Crossin' an' Ev'rythin' After": In the far future, after the Fall of humankind, a small pocket Civ'lize folk and a visiting Prescient eke out an existence, fearing attacks by the savage Kona.

Part 7, "An Orison of Sonmi~451" (second half): The once-enslaved clone Sonmi discovers that something is rotten in the corpocracy of Nea So Copros, and nothing short of revolution will make it right.

Part 8, "The Ghastly Ordeal of Timothy Cavendish" (second half): Fighting an evil gang of nurses, priests, and administrators bent on keeping him imprisoned in the old folks' home, Timbo and his compatriots hatch an escape plan.

Part 9, "Half-lives: The First Luisa Rey Mystery" (second half): Dodging assassins and double-crosses, Luisa must locate a copy of the Sixsmith Report if she hopes to shut down a dangerous nuclear reactor, and save her own life.

Part 10, "Letters from Zedelghem" (second half): The brilliant, caddish Frobisher descends into two obsessions, music and the daughter of his employer; his letters to Sixsmith become ever more tinged with instability.

Part 11, "The Pacific Journal of Adam Ewing" (second half) is up! As Adam's Ailment takes its toll during the return voyage to o-Hawaii, he begins to understand a few things about cruelty and predators, and the nature of humanity.

Part 12, Final Thoughts

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