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Sweet Justice by Christy Reece
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Jan 11, 12

it was amazing
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I can finally sit down and post a review on the 7th LCR installment, Sweet Justice.

I honestly don’t know what to say anymore regarding Christy Reece’s LCR series except for the fact that I have loved every single book. Not only do I love her books, I think she’s just fantastic and one of the few authors on Twitter who replies to my tweets whenever I have something to say. She takes the time to interact with her readers and for that I am very thankful. I will say though that this was one of my favourites.(I think I keep saying this with every book lol) Before I start any series or stand alone book, I trudge through reviews and get others’ perceptions and views. Most times though, they leave me fuming and the reason for this is of course that I don’t agree with a lot of the reviews, once I have actually read the book myself, especially the ones that get so technical, they make me wonder if I am actually reading them in English. Pfft. I do know though that we are all of different opinions and although a lot of readers complain about the villains, do remember that you are reading romantic suspense and should you not be able to face the harsh realities (although this is fiction) of real life – then don’t read romantic suspense. It’s in-your-face descriptive and although it makes me shiver, it provides me with clear mind scenarios – exactly how a villain should affect you. It can't be glossed over and the story wouldn't be the same if we were just told oh, he kidnaps girls and marries them off to men at the compound. Yes it’s fiction, but we all know that these horrific things do happen in real life and if nothing else the author is simply highlighting them and hopefully making you, the reader, more aware of what filth and insanity is out there. Enough ‘ranting’ if that’s how it comes across and on with the review.

Loved Sweet Justice. As I mentioned above, it’s the 7th in the LCR series and still going strong! Right from the beginning Seth Cavanaugh is arrested for the murder of one of Hector Clemmons’ thugs although he didn’t actually do it. He needs to be trusted by Clemmons in order to work with him and then bring him down, hence putting up this front so as to be believed. He’s been dating Honor Stone, an FBI agent, for the past 3 months but decides that their relationship needs to end. Not only does he break her heart but does likewise where his family is concerned. He has no choice but to break all ties because if he doesn’t, then both Honor and his family could be in danger. However, he knew what he was getting into, as prior to starting a relationship with Honor (one he didn’t want but love happens when you aren’t really looking for it) the wheels on this particular undercover operation, had started rolling.

Some 5 years down the line and no longer with the police force, he receives news from his brother that his niece has gone missing. Although Seth still has contacts, they aren’t the sort of contacts that can help him find Kelli. His best option is to hire LCR and insists that he be allowed to work on the case with them. At a meeting called by Noah McCall (the head of LCR), Seth is somewhat surprised and shaken when Honor enters. She is no longer an FBI agent but an LCR operative. Placed into teams, Seth will be working alongside Honor, who has been put in charge of this particular rescue mission, to find Kelli. After much intel/info collecting, it’s decided that not only Kelli, but a number of girls prior to her have been taken and by the same man.

I must say though that this sick/evil/disgusting man is probably one of the worst I have read about. Alden Pike has created/built a place called Tranquillity. It’s along the lines of a commune/cult order and the people within all brainwashed. This is the future or so his perverted mind leads him to believe. It’s so backward minded that it actually gave me goosebumps every time a scene was played out at Tranquillity. Not only do they kidnap young woman so that the men can procreate with, Pike is actually sleeping with his own daughter who is so brainwashed, she has no idea which way is up and I don’t think she will ever have a clue as she’s grown up with ‘evil’ and so the same she became. He is so despicable and mind you, so is she, that when she asks her father permission to kill her own brother, he grants it. He killed his wife as it was time - she didn’t understand the dynamic in his and Tabitha’s relationship. Horrific. The training these young girls are put through to prepare them for the new life that awaits them - which is to serve their men - is so sadistic, I am surprised I didn’t have nightmares about it. For any further insight into this 'Kingdom', you will have to read it yourself.

Despite the horrors, there is also love, eventual understanding and forgiveness within Seth’s family and of course from Honor for what happened in the past and finally the rescue of not only Kelli but the other girls who were kidnapped and forced to lead this life which I constitute as slavery. The taking down of Alden Pike and his world? Awesome. He is so delusional he can’t actually believe that all he has ‘worked’ for is on the brink of ruin. It’s just not possible. He is untouchable. I have no words for this waste of air space. If I were a character in the book, I would have loved to take him down myself – it’s how much I despised him and how much he repelled me! A character that’s very well written Ms. Reece, so much so that he scared me!

Of course Seth and Honor end up together, lovely. I love HEA’s. (I do, can’t help it). Onto the the 8th LCR book hopefully next week which is named Sweet Revenge and then the 9th which was released on 27 December 2011, called Sweet Reward. A double thumbs up from me.

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