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Until I Die by Amy Plum
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OH. MY. GOD.!!!!! What....the hell???

So yeah, this book was all kinds of badass and now I'm freaking out! That ending was evil!!!!!!! I'm glad I bought If I Should Die like I was instructed to do because holy shizzle, I'm not happy! And I KNEW I didn't trust that wench for a reason! Shiiiiiiit!
I love this series with mad passion. Amy Plum is a fantastic storyteller with an imagination that I long to have.
This book picks up where book one left off and though it was a year since I read Die For Me, I don't remember the details but I'm remember how much I loved the plot and the badass characters.
Ambrose, Charlotte, Charles, Gespard, Jean-Baptiste, Gramie, Papy, Georgia, Kate, Jules and the best of all....Vincent!!!!

Now we're introduced to new characters, Violette and Arthur. Lots of crazy shit happens and I'm along for the ride and love every bit of it.
Kate is in love with a revenant...Vincent. He saved her life a year ago and they've gotten close and fallen in love. Well how weird is it to be in love with a undead being?! Though a sexy one, I'll take that. Now Kate is part of their world, living in Paris, finishing high school all the while being sought out by the bad guys known as numa. A lot of crazy shiz happen and while trying to find a way for her and Vincent to be together without too much complication since he saves humans and dies in the process, things start to take a turn for the worse. Kate, being human and getting herself into dangerous trouble will stop at nothing to find a cure for her beloved. But when things go amiss, she finds that she's confided in the wrong person for advice and handed over information that has now destroyed her hopes of any future with Vincent....

Ahhhhhh okay, I almost gave shit away. All I'm gonna say is that even though the first half was filled with nothing but well nothing too crazy happened. I enjoyed everything. Every time Vincent was in the scene I was either smiling like a fool or swooning like a teenage girl. I heart that boy! He's truly amazing and my favorite revenant. But that ending has me worried as hell and I can't wait to read the last book and see what happens. I know Amy won't disappoint. Also I love this series being set in Paris. It's gorgeous and I can just imagine all the places that are mentioned and described so vividly. It makes me wanna go there so badly. Also I love every damn character in this book...except a few of course. I miss Charlotte and hope to see her in If I Should Die. I love Georgia, she's the best sister ever. Ambrose is amazing...and then there's Jules. What can I say?! I love him too. This was a fantastic continuation to a wonderful series. If you haven't read it, I highly recommend it!!!!

Now onto Die For Her, the novella before If I Should Die.
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08/07/2013 page 30
8.0% "God, I'm so happy being back in Paris with my favorite revenants!!!! I've missed Kate, Vincent and Jules. <3"
08/07/2013 page 74
20.0% ""Now that you are here-now that we're together-I can't imagine going back to the old life I had before. I don't know what I'd do if I lost you now. I love you too much." <3 Oh Vincent, you've always been my favorite. -Long dreamy sigh-
(fucking phones and screwing up statuses lol)"
08/08/2013 page 144
40.0% "I love this book so much....but I have a bad feeling. In my gut. Something is gonna go wrong. And why do I have a bad vibe from Violette?!" 5 comments
08/08/2013 page 205
58.0% "Omg, I'm really loving Jules! I mean, I was already quite fond of him in Die for Me. But he's really such a flirty sexy bad boy in this one! And he's so caring and protective of Kate. Fuck. I hate triangles! Hate. Them. Amy, why are you doing this???? Oh man. No. No I love Vincent more. At least for Kate. OMG! *face palm*"
08/09/2013 page 300
84.0% "Shit! Shit! Shit! Now shit's hittin the fan!!!!! I'm scurrrrrrrred! *bites nails*"
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"That's All" Ash AWESOME review, Annie! ♥

Annie Brewer Thank you babe!! Have you read this series?! It's a must!! So good!!! :)

"That's All" Ash I DID read the first one! It just wasn't my cup of tea, honestly! But I AM glad you enjoyed it! :))

Annie Brewer Awwww that's too bad. But we can't like 'em all! But you MUST finish the Starcrossed series! :)

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