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Nightshade by Andrea Cremer
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Nov 10, 2011

it was amazing
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I am not sure where to begin to be honest. I think this book is one of the best "werewolf" books I've read thus far. This was a unique book all on it's own. Cremer's take on were history was mesmerizing. I thoroughly enjoyed every single page. Though I think this was the first book where I actually HATED the heroine. For all intents and purposes, she pissed me off to no end. I seriously screamed at the book in some parts.......
So Calla, a human/alpha wolf pack leader of the Nightshades saves a human boy from getting mauled by a bear while on patrol one day. She defies the Keepers' orders as to not have contact with plain old humans. And especially stupid human boys lurking around in private property by the wolves' mountain. Once she sends him on his way, she figures she'd never have to see him again. And that her secret of what she's done, is safe.......until Shay shows up at her school as the new kid. He recognizes her and she is appauled to see him in one of her classes, afraid he'll turn her in. But somehow he is drawn to her. Eventhough he knows nothing about her life and secrets she keeps.....he knows she's a werewolf and is fascinated by her. Things taka a complicated turn. She is set to become the pack leader alongside Ren, Alpha of the Banes and his mate at the union that will be held for it is her destiny. She's known all along that her and Ren will become Alpha's and pretty much married as well and lead their packs together side by side. Or so she thought that was her destiny. As Shay and Calla spend more time together as ordered from Logan (an important Keeper), things get worse. They discover secrets about Calla's past and the past of every pack before them as well as the Guardians. Calla puts everyone she's known her whole life including her little brother in some serious danger......for this human.
Okay, I have to stop there. I am speechless. My mind is still reeling through the events that took place. Trying to make sense of it all. It was well written and very fast paced. Lots of action, romance and edge of your seat details. It was fantastic. Despite the fact that I hated Calla with every page that turned, I got to know the rest of the characters. They are all so amazingly described and their interaction with one another was wonderful. My favorites were Nev, Mason, Ansel, Bryn and even Sabine grew on me. Of course I am Team REN all the way!! Shay gets on my absolute last nerve. Because of him, all of Calla's packmates and friends are in danger. I usually get torn between the two guys vying for the heroine's affection. But from the beginning I was all for Ren!!! The ending made me mad as hell. I felt so bad for Ren!! I cried and cursed Calla for being so stupid. What a stupid, stupid girl. I would reccommend this book to all those who love a good werewolf love story filled with suspense, action, and mystery. It was well deserved of my FIVE stars!! I can't wait to start on Wolfsbane today!!
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Andrea Cremer
“The relationship of a girl and her favorite novel can be complex indeed.”
Andrea Cremer, Nightshade

Andrea Cremer
“(Ren's) eyes were sad but resigned. “And where will you go?”
I couldn’t keep the fear out of my reply. “I don’t know.”
“Please don’t do this,” he whispered. “Come back with me. We’ll talk to Logan; there has to be an explanation. The Keepers need us; we’re the alphas. We’ll figure this out. They won’t hurt you. I won’t let them.”
Andrea Cremer, Nightshade

Andrea Cremer
“The way you move is incredible.” Ren drew me back to press against him. His fingers slid down to the curve of my hips, rocking our bodies in rhythm with the heavy bass. The sensation of being molded against the hard narrow line of his hips threatened to overwhelm me. We were hidden in the mass of people, right? The Keepers couldn’t see?
I tried to steady my breath as Ren kept us locked together in the excruciatingly slow pulse of the music. I closed my eyes and leaned back into his body; his fingers kneaded my hips, caressed my stomach. God, it felt good.
My lips parted and the misty veil slipped between them, playing along my tongue. The taste of flower buds about to burst into bloom filled my mouth. Suddenly I wanted nothing more than to melt into Ren. The surge of desire terrified me. I had no idea if the compulsion to draw him more tightly around my body emerged from my own heart or from the succubi’s spellcraft. This couldn’t happen!
I started to panic when he bent his head, pressing his lips against my neck. My eyes fluttered and I struggled to focus despite the suffocating heat that pressed down all around me. His sharpened canines traced my skin, scratching but not breaking the surface. My body quaked and I pivoted in his arms, pushing against his chest, making space between us.
“I’m a fighter, not a lover,” I gasped.
“You can’t be both?” His smile made my knees buckle.”
Andrea Cremer, Nightshade

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12/06/2011 page 98
22.0% "Love, love, love this book!!! Totally hot for Ren!!! :)"
12/08/2011 page 203
45.0% "OMG I am sooooo irritated with Calla!!! I wanted to throw my book at the wall! Seriously, she needs to quit thinking about Shay for 2 seconds and be with Ren! Blah!"
12/08/2011 page 317
70.0% "Can't. Put. This. Book. Down. I have been reading it all night and have not slept, which sleep deprivation is catching up to me. I could have been done with it by now."
100.0% "Review soon to come!"

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message 1: by Tif (new) - rated it 4 stars

Tif Loved <3

Annie Brewer Um, yes I am loving it too!! I just started and already hooked! :)

Rachel The 2nd book is even better!

Annie Brewer Ooooo, I know I just bought it today. I am almost done with this one! Haven't slept in over 48 hours, but I got really far in this book! :)

Marie Loved this book, too bad i didnt know how it all ended before i read it, otherwise i wouldnt have read it:(

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