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Dying Wish by Shannon K. Butcher
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Nov 10, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: paranormal-romance, favorite-series
Read from March 10 to 11, 2012

I think I'm basically always going to love this series no matter what Butcher does. I enjoyed it and it was well written as always, so there's not much to say there that I haven't said in past reviews. A couple things that bothered me:

1) Joseph. And Helen, and Drake, and everyone else who was guilt-tripping a girl to pick a life-partner who had only just escaped from a 2-year imprisonment in caves where demons/monsters fed off her and she had to watch children be raped and torn to shreds and eaten. REALLY you a-holes?!? This might have sat better with me if they had had a little more time pass since her captivity. Granted, Butcher tried to show Joseph's position to make him seem like less of a jerk, but they were all doing it.

2) TOO MANY story lines! One of the things I like about PNR is how we get to follow up on previous characters and maybe have a secondary love-story going on as well. But as with the last book, Butcher just overdid it this time. She introduced some new potential couples (Nicolas and Tori. Joseph and Lyka. Ronan and Beth.), but none of them are even the main characters for the next book! I know Butcher is trying to plant the seed, but it was just too much. I skimmed all of Ronan and Beth's stuff because it just wasn't at all relevant to any plot except their own future one. And I even skimmed Logan and Hope's few sections because, while it at least pertained to the plot, I just wanted to get back to it.

That's basically it. Despite my ranting these weren't too big of a deal, just annoying. I do wish the next book was a familiar couple to re-ground me, I feel like we need to get some of these people hooked up before we start adding newbies to the mix! And for the record, I definitely read this in 1 day. OH, and the twist with how Iain and Jackie got their HEA was good, didn't see it coming. Although as I often feel with a lot of books, I'd like one more chapter after the HEA (especially with this scenario) to see how things work out with what happened, maybe see Jackie and Stan get to interact a little!!

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03/10/2012 page 100
26.88% "I get that they really need her and they are fighting a war, but I'm getting annoyed at everyone guilt tripping her into doing stuff (including herself). She was a prisoner for 2 years! Anyone would be majorly effed up after that, she needs time you jerks!"
03/10/2012 page 175
47.04% "Iain: You don't need to worry about that. Jackie: Meaning I don't need to worry, or it's none of my business. Iain: Take it whichever way makes you stop talking about it fastest."

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